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Not getting caught?

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Okay' date=' im from a little "city" (in my area its considered a city, but its more like a town) where everyone is pretty much out to get each other (they will call the cops for stupid shit). and if someone calls, the cops are there in a matter of 2 minutes. in my town, you cant do any graff without someone calling the cops or the cops seeing you, so basically, you cant do any good shit. I watch movies and stuff online, where they are out in the middle of the street, doing huge pieces, that may take hours at a time, yet, they never get caught? i mean can someone tell me how no one calls the cops, or the cops never come by while you are in the middle of a piece? i mean how can you sit in the street for hours and no one acknowledges it? its got me wondering.[/quote']


dont hit up your neighborhood if its that small go to a bigger city at night and well get up dont let anyone know your a graff artist unless they are trusted or they are other writters

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dont let anyone know your a graff artist unless they are trusted or they are other writters




just people you trust. it's generally a bad idea to share that info with any writer out of the blue.






goddamn, are you kids sleeping through english or something? That's okay, I need an army of dedicated individuals to flip my burgers at 3 am when I'm coming home from a long night of revelry.

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listen its about balls and a big citi....you wanna do some ill shit...move to a place were people do iller shit so you know that you can always get better and your always gunna have to run.. graff is illigal... thats why its soo damn fun.. cops are gunna chase you and unless you wanna get cought you will have to run......so dont make a thread asking for a science of not getting cought... there is none ... other than a black shirt, black pants, and combat boots (gotta wear combat boots.

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^^right, its really just having the balls... ussually the people what get fucked cuz of graff either have balls or are stupid... just go to a spot and do your shit till the cops come... thats my idea.... do your shit till you hear or see cops... simple

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yoooo sonz, graff is all abowt teh ballz! you need to find really good writerz because they will always help you, just let them know you've never painted before. also, get a clown suit and face make up and bomb as a clown, this can have three effects, all of which help you

1.) reverse sycologee. people will be too confused to think that a clown would do n e thing wrong.

2.) they could have seen the movie 'it' and will be shit scared of you.

3.) you could pretend to actually be a clown and entertain them.


i think someone on this forum once said 'i hate my parents. my passion for graff is all i have.' that's the type of attitude that would make me respect you as a l33t 8o|\/|83r.


actually, i think the best advice has already been given: hang your stirrups up before this mule hoof fucks you in the mouth.

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The best way to not get caught is to use irrational superstition. Only paint when the spirit moves you, and if something isn't shaking right (The cans in your backpack perhaps) it probably means that the cops are in on it. Don't wait for the cops to show up; run away at the instant the thought of donuts and bacon enters your mindspace.

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dont ask for advice writers are normaly dicks, (obviously), you got figure shit out on your own,, you should anticipate it taking alot of years to get decent, then thats when the fun starts, if you count running, geting hurt and locked up fun, then you might do alright,, in general write by your self and rember that just cus you have a common intrest in something doesnt make a stranger your freind.. besides if your doing your thing corect on your own its likely some one will extend there knowlege to you, to further your graff,, but still.. dont trust em!! haha..:o :o

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I write in a small town too, Charlotetown PEI.


The best advice I have, fellow small-towner, is this:


In daylight, only use markers and stickers in fairly hidden spots... behind abandoned buildings, roads no-one drives on, schools (during summer vacation).... You can use paint in daylight in extremely safe spots, but be careful.


Most in-the-open stuff should be done at around 2am. Try to come up with a simple disguise, since in small towns people know everyone. I wear an orange hat, nerd glasses with no lenses, and a red and white hankerchief. The key is to hide your hair, forehead, eyebrows, nose and mouth. Just keep your eyes and cheeks visisble, and you're good.


The main thing is to make sure no-one knows you're interested in graf at all. The only people who should know are other writers who you know you can trust.


Also, learn to be silent and sneaky. Even though I'm in a small town, I've still painting on rooftops and in alleys in broad daylight.


Keep yourself up, and spray it safe.

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