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getting paid from your graff skills


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How much would you guys charge for a piece?

It was for a shirt design, the company doesn't have a website anymore but I think i still have the jpeg here somewhere.


I charged $25.


Too little or too much?


Well, there are a lot of factors that can go into the cost of a design for a t-shirt but there's also... "Uh, dude... I'm all famous and shit... the design costs $500."


I've done shirt designs for more than $500 and I've done them for as little as nothing. It all depends on you.


Your confidence in what you're offering, who you are and that you design is going to sell whether people know you or not. If it wasn't a "piece" none of that would matter.


I've been under the impression that a "piece" on a t-shirt was long done with. Your post has proven me wrong. To answer your question directly though... whether you're a toy or a big name, $25 is too low. All that tells me is that you don't have confidence in your work. Or that you know the dude who asked for the design and you're just being a good friend. In which case you should have just given it to him.

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to add to what joker said..its depends on the company who's buying the work and the volume and expected retail prices.


Also as a commercial artist when you are approaching a client..or a client approaches you to do artwork for them usually you submit several designs. Sometimes the price for just straight out buying existing artwork is cheaper then asking you to develop new work. just think ..your average shirt that retails for 30-35 bucks cost anywhere between 6-14 dollars to produce depending on the size of the run, amount of screens, quality of shirt, cut and sew shirt..etc.


when it comes to amount youre expecting to get you have to establish a reasonable idea of what your artwork and time is worth, but also...consider that getting someone to produce, sell and have people eventually wear your artwork is also always positive. If youre just starting out its good to take advantage of every opportunity..in all reality..all of these trends with t-shirt "art" and "cool" graphics is very fleeting so overall getting things produced and learning from your experiences is an overall positive move.

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resolution is the highest I can get it because I usually snatch the photos from the internet.

The letters are done in corel draw, though.

Definately wet. If you try to apply them dry you'll have a bad day, trust me.


You can get them transclucent, but that one (the chevy one) wasn't because It was designed to they can still see out the window.

If they need to be able to see out, then use perforated vinyl. it's more expensive, though.


Whatever happened with that Job on the s. shore?

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My ace Ldozia got this work. A community midwives center.

Our best big mural work yet. We usually cut huge discounts to

people making their community better but this place copped

a grant and it ended up putting $10,000 in pockets after paying

for materiels and equipment. It got us alot of work this fall doing

murals as well.


If you want to do murals do a couple small free ones for the portfolio to get your hustle

started. To get started, go into places with big blank walls with examples of your work.

It helps alot to have letters people can read and non threatening charicters for people

to look at. Hit people off at huge discounts or free if you have to. Its an investment.

After a couple you will have examples of legit stuff to show people and generate interest.




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Yea, like I said that's my boys design and he ran this one.

Actually the grant was provided by a banking charity that made

him sign papers to the effect we wouldn't discuss the details,

so mad people wouldn't hit them up or demand more loot.


Depending on where you are at you can usually find grant programs

like that if you look hard enough. Most of the time you need examples

of work and a design to submit so they know what their paying for.

We use each others work for portfolio stuff and actualy care about

the work we do to improve hoods so it gives you an advantage over

some "real artists" going for said grants.


You can google your city's name with mural fund or mural grant

They will usually have spots pre selected for murals.


This was the original design submitted for this:


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Wow when you can execute a mural lovelier than the sketch it is definitely something great. The concept, flow, design, and execution is incredible. It is one of those things that if you add too much or to little to your coffee, it just would not sip the same. The liberation concept is well conveyed. This will enhance your portfolio in many ways.

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