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Why do guys pick graffiti over girlfriends?

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its cuz graffiti is life. he was into graffiti before he was into you. graffiti isnt like a hobby . its not like tennis. its more of a part of you. something that needs to be done. something that we love. and when a girl take time away from it it throws us way the fuck outta whack. i dumped my ex gf cuz she was so goddamn needy and i didn't want that kinda complication in my life(9 months). graffiti is simple and free and i would choose it over almost everything.

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The fact that you made your boyfriend CHOOSE to do one or the other is pretty stupid. :huh: I've seen this happen a bunch of times and when bitches make their dude choose, usually the dude doesn't choose the girl. If you cared about what your boyfriend thinks you'd let him do his thing and not fuck with that. JESUS your retarded.:D :D :D :D :D

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It's because women are ALL.........and yes I said ALL......at some pt.......clingy, overly emotional, illogical as fuck, and selfish! YES......I said SELFISH! Everything is about how you make them feel......"Even if you don't give a fuck about my day, I wanna FEEL like you care!" How about "Fuck you........I don't care what Tara said to Shananeh!!" Fuck you if you ever make your boyfriend choose.........you should consider yourself lucky anyone is fucking your lame ass!

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This really reminds me of the movie Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Berrymore. Where Jimmy Fallon plays an obsessed Red Sox fan who goes to every game and lives in a personal Red Sox gift shop. Then meets Drew Berrymore and they fall and love, and then break up due to his obsession with the Red Sox.

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