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Why do guys pick graffiti over girlfriends?

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I tried dating a writer. It didn't work. It was hard for him to take tips from a girl. lol. A lot of this is ego driven hun, and he does it for 'self'. Writers in general have strong personalities and you can't compete with self-pride. And you probably wouldn't even want to be with him when he's not writing either, he'd be practically life-less.

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Because graff will never leave you...

Graff will never cheat on you...

Graff can give you more of a thrill than some women can...

Graff will never send you off....

Graff will never break your heart

Graff will never have your child

Graff will never give you nasty ass/weird bumps...

Graff will never bitch and whine non-stop....

If graffiti gives you any of the preceeding things, contact your doctor immediatly.



I dunno, I've never had the problem. My girlfriend is an artist as well, so it's just sort of something that comes natural.

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Well, as a older head with a fuckin job and a wife and responsibilities to my community who wrote hard for 18 years in NYC I can tell you that its mostly immaturity that causes dudes to choose fame over love. I did it several times and I regret it. I'm glad I wisened the fuck up and settled my ass down a little. When you're young you're stupid. Its only in retrospect that you see where fame doesn't get you. There are few... VERY FEW heads with the luck, drive, SKILL, crew, connections, history, dedication and balls to end up like my boy Cope2. Some of you young kids need to wake the fuck up. Life is too short to choose a can of paint over connecting with the world. You ain't that special and noone cares who you are. 10 years out of the game and I still have shit running in NYC and noone cares, including me.


Fuckin lame...


You still FIEND this graffiti ish, trolling the 12oz "graffiti discussion" forum is all the proof needed.


Your bitch ass just can't manage writing some graffiti on the side of your "family life" and "connecting to the world"


because most pussy stinks and aerosol smells GOOD!:D


thread been closed.

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ive been chilling with a girl who is starting to write. its kinda my fault she does. she might be leaving her bf soon but idk if id want to date another writer. somethings seem cool about it but others dont.


this too.


that's why i try and pick up the artsy broads.. they usually get hooked off yor addictionand give it a shot. also, they tend to appreciate it more than some prissy, high maintenance broad.

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i know my girl dosnt like me doing graf but thats only cozz she dosnt want to see me be put inside for it. she loves the art side of it n shit but iv just learnt not to talk about it when im with her. But i highly doubt it would cause us to split. i just go for a bomb before or after i see her :P

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