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I know I promised to post some pics of roy a while ago, but I'm back and here are just a few of the many pictures I have of that crazy ass kid. Since his passing, we've been raging in his memory, just like I know he would want us to. Much love to all you who have shown your support and love. Roy is smiling down on all of us...




Haha...thats a classic! No on partied like he did!



W.A. FACT! My boy Phrite...much love.



Haha...that damn smile...its going to live forever!






Deep down, he was straight up Gangsta!




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This picture was taken the night of Roy's funeral. We have proof that crazy ass Roy is still partying with us, just like we knew he would be. He always down for a kick ass party...never missed it! Lots of love to him...*hugs and kisses*


<3 Cris

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i think about you every day. you understood what many dismissed as me being silly or stupid or whatever. you're the only person who I couldn't imagine ever getting mad at about the godamn B-word. you saw where I was coming from with all this weight on the brain... gave me advice about dealing with the hoes getting the mental one-ups on me... memories keep surfacing... nobody who ever had the chance of meeting you will ever forget you man. the good die young, but you're in a better place man. the best place to be. i hope you put a good word in for all of us you left behind when our time comes. you'll always be golden bro.

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Damn...I always liked this kids work,style for miles.From what i just seen in these 4 pages makes me wish i got to meet him.Looks like the type of dude to get down with anyone,real positive and shit.Much love to friends,crew,and family.Keep ya heads up.


Cheko OBC New Orleans

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man i cant stop thinkin about him.....i think about u every damn day roy....me an this cat grinded every where we went alwaly 2gether never 1 without tha other this dude was my heart my blood my brother....not jus graff fuk tha this was my other half......it was tha hardest thing 2 do was go back home an see your family there my family hurtin an your brother laid 2 rest...phrite alwayz used 2 tell me yo sinek if i died u think any1 would care or come 2 my shit!!! well dawg look now an tell me wut u think....tha crazy thing is it all makes since. roy new he was going he jus did no when he used 2 talk about 2 me an guilt all tha time then u passed on 6-11-06. nobody new this guy like tha way i did i mean nobody..i'm glad every1 tha got tha chance 2 meet him did and got roy in there own way..he was a good artist but mostly my fukin heart and i was his, guilt ass well...me an guilt were at his house in his room lookin at his flik book an in tha back it said tha 3 amigo's......well roy tha 3 amigo's por vida hermano tu eres mi corazon...i'll see you soon man then i can finally give u a fukin hug man...i was out of town when u died an couldn't see u 4 tha last time but i'm glad u called me tha day u died an when u told me yo sinek i going 2 sound like a big pussy rite now i got sumthing 2 tell u man an i was like wut dawg an u said sinek i really fukin miss u man.... well as i write this rite now and have tearz in my eyez dawg i fukin miss you 4 ever.... sinek,phrite,guilt wa-fact 2 tha grave u alwayz used say...do tha shit in heaven boy cause when i come it'z on man i miss u and love u roy....wa-fact alwayz

your brother Sinek

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i remember the first time i met phrite, it was at token party on the south side. he was with sinek , guilt in his cop car[good times] and ekose. he was a very interesting person. So i had too invite them over to my apt for graf video's and beer, but phrite being the pimp that he was mack on some chick all night. next day we did a wall and at night we painted fr8's. and they bounce back to phx. so they droped me their numbers, so they gave me a ring and told me their coming down and need a place to crash,I said hell yeah come on down. Soke ,me, striker,token wre waiting for them and when they showed up straight to wally world and then the bottel shop was done then too the crack head lay up. this place suks so it was a hit and move misson, well long story short most of us did not finish because about 10 gangsters were coming down the tracks guilt and phrite wanted to stay but the tucson heads new better.SO we end up partyin all night and the next night we hit the p nut yard .Phrite has burned every yard in t town. it was always fun in my town but in their city shit was unbelivable. I was always with a video camra so i have so dope photage of the wa fact crew.PHRITE RIPPIN IN PARADISE.... never done with the stroies more to come when i start to miss him..... to his family first, and to all the people who knew and cared about him..big up to sinek and guilt hope u dudes are all rite. the tucson homies are with u.

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man i look at this thread.....and it makes me miss him more......he was an amazing artist as well as a true friend...i think about him daily...tha stuff we painted tha party's..jus all around good timez we had....its not tha same with out him,,,but as long as i live brother you live...every tag.....every train your with me.....me an this kid were 1 in tha same any1 that new us new u couldn't find 1 with out tha other....tha day he died we were talkin about meeting up again 2 see eachother again...i was going 2 go back 2 phx an he said no no no jus stay there an i will meet u out there...so i flew him home an i was going 2 fly him back here...but tha never happened...thanks 4 all tha love from you...an if u got pics please post them......your brother sinek.......always miss u kid!!!!

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every time i tell a story, it had something to do with roy while he was in ohio/az. you witnessed us in our retardedest moments bro. everyday on my ride to work i remember all those times when it was just us at the house. ridle out at his chicks and lost all asleep in the back... sinek being god knows where - and us talking about how awesome and fucked up graffiti is (mostly due to me being stupid and the snow)... me hating on system of a down, haha. god, its like you never left us man... i keep having this crazy perception that you're back in phoenix without a phone or something. i wake up everyday and ride my bike to work... thinking about you. wondering if you're looking down on me and laughing at me to just get through the day. when i get to work i look at this thread every day from front to back, every fucking day. i remember you tatooing me at raztecas and your cousin coming in to make sure you were doing alright. god, i miss you so much. as non-religious as i am, i have this feeling that we'll be seeing eachother again. watch our backs... especially your brother sinek. the dude's a livewire out here! hahahaha!


sinek, guilt, resek, bionek, everyone back in the AZ... much love. him being never forgotten goes without saying. be easy fellahs.



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