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boogie hands

"you wonder why them niggas keep licking at your ass"

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ive been busy all day and i come on there to see 9,000 mail order bride threads. apparently i missed out on something. anyway this is my obligatory friday thread. im going to hit you off with a couple quick facts/observations and then bounce so i can get out of here at 5 on the dot. ive been working like a fucking investment banker this week.


- i am very excited about watching soccer (yeah bitch, i called it soccer) all weekend.

- i recently found out i can jog farther than a mile and that running is kind of fun.

- i still have not found a decent pair of jeans.

- carolina will win saturdays game 4-1. monday you will see the stanley cup.

- golf clubs arent really that expensive

- if you like godspeed and you havent heard the group "Sparrows Swarm and Sing", you need to.


p.s.- this is what comes up when you google image "hooligan"




another fact. going to a world cup game is on my short list of things to do before i die.


p.p.s.- i just realized how gay that title comes off. what up with rappers loving cock so much anyway?

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i bumped all the bride threads since psm026 started yet another one, and i think they all got deleeeeted



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so i got fired from my temp job cause i dipped my finger in a biohazard bucket full of turtle wax wet n black and proceeded to injest about a tablespoon of it..


also i found out you can get the shits if you snort hand sanitizer..



friday..bar..bands...resumed conversations with skinheads about astarte and evidence of this worship in modern religions..after bar ..sleep


saturday.. yard sale hunting and thrift shopping with a lady friend o mine.. then later on to watch the toxic avenger 1,2 with a bowl and icecream.... chill at home and tinker around on fl studio(learned myself how to make dubstyle remixes using only the slicer and a few delay and reverb effects)...girl gets offa work...have some how you doin lovin..boot her out and tinker with fl some more..sleep.


sunday..prolly vacuum, listen to ragga jungle all day and finish up tom robbins "skinny legs and all"...sleep.


monday. head to meh real job and face the horrible women coworkers who by mid-noon their perfumes will have fused together to form the scent of vagina and mustard...head home and sleep



that is all

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your screename gives me the chills.


this is a urethral sound in case anybody doesn't know VVV



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