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Airstrike kills terror leader al-Zarqawi in Iraq


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I don’t even know if this person (Al-Zarqawi) is real or was maybe created by the ingenious Cabal (said' date=' seething with sarcasm) of this scheiss of an administration- I would put nothing past them.[/quote']


pretty much...sort of..

al-zarqawi apparently met bin laden in 2002, and the subsequent propaganda from bush and blair was that this was definitive 'proof' of an essential link between iraq and al qaida(and by default linking iraq and 9/11), even though it's yet to be proven he is actually a member of al qaida(although it is widely 'assumed' for the sake of convenience in the media). thank the innocent 'dove' colon powell for this misleading speculation(at his memorable UN presentation i believe). after this apparent meeting with bin laden, al-zarqawi holed up in some shittied up area of northern iraq that wasn't under the control of the kurds or really anyone let alone saddam. numerous accounts outside the US mainstream report he was merely a salafi jihadist and nobody has produced any solid evidence of operational ties to al qaida. his importance on the ground is probably nowhere near that of local iraqi leaders, which is why so many analysts are opposed to the rhetoric coming out of washington and downing street that this is some tide changing victory. also consider the recent reports that 5 of his jihadist chump buddies were picked up and probably tortured very early in may(also many reports the US knew where he was before invading and didn't act)...but they only now have located him, a nice 'change the subject(from haditha and plummeting support for both the war and the prez)' development for bush and his homies. similar to the abu graib scandal and then the berg beheading, which the white house also claimed al-zarqawi was responsible for(again, squat for evidence). but yo, it's war so whatever...

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DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda in Iraq named a successor following the killing of the group's leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, according to an Internet statement on Monday.


"The shura council of al Qaeda in Iraq unanimously agreed on Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, to be a successor to Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," said a statement signed by al Qaeda and posted on a Web site frequently used by Islamist militants.


"Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir is a good brother, has a history in jihad and is knowledgeable. We ask God that he ... continue what Sheikh Abu Musab began," it said.


Muhajir, little known in the West, was not among the names that al Qaeda experts had expected as Zarqawi's likely successor.

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there's an old school CIA officer named milt bearden...he was talking about how you engineer, for example, the niger forgery, but also black ops in general, and his point was that if it's done cleverly it's not checkers, it's chess. but even if it might be sloppy, you're still fucked under a national security blanket.

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O Muslims! Fear Allah And Don’t Sympathise With Zarqaawee.

Excerpts taken from an article from Ash-Sharaq Al-Awsat

By Abdul Muhsin Al-‘Ubaykaan

(A senior scholar from Saudi Arabia)


There is no doubt that every Muslim, who is eagerly concerned about their religion and enthusiastic to (protect) the reputation of their nation, is delighted to hear about the decline of a deviant ideology that is attributed to Islam, when in reality it does nothing but smear (the religions) true image.


A deviant Kharajite ideology that has declared the blood of the Muslims and innocent non-Muslims to be lawful game; it has relished in pronouncing Muslims to be infidels, and it has vigorously endeavoured to destroy and bomb. (An ideology) that has stained the image of Islam and the Muslims, and it has caused many evils which cannot be enumerated and cannot be calculated by any one person.


This Kharijite ideology has produced many ills. From them: this malicious onslaught against the Muslims in general- emanating from many different angles, assaults upon the methods of teaching practised in the Muslim lands, (it has been utilized) as a blockade to the Book and the Sunnah, occupation of Muslim lands, and the captivation of innocent people due to mere speculation. All of this has resulted from this chaos and confusion, and from the war between (the lunatics) of Al-Qaa’idah and certain countries.


Yes, the fact that this ideology has begun to vanish, its symbolic figures are being humiliated and its leaders are falling brings joy to the heart. But sadly we see some of the Muslims continuing to show sympathy to Az-Zarqaawee or to whoever will replace him. Az-Zarqaawee who adopted the wretched ideology of Al-Qaa’idah, this is no more than the belief of the Kharijite, Takfeeris; and it has not brought any benefit to the Muslims whatsoever.


These sympathisers feign blindness to these barbaric, criminal acts, perpetrated by Az-Zaqaawee and his organisation inside and outside of Iraq, that oppose (the laws) of the religion and that cannot be fathomed by sound intellectual reasoning. It is visible to everyone with two eyes to see that Zarqaawee’s actions are not only traceable to Iraq; rather they have spread to other places. This man has (monstrous) ambitions in many arenas; he has explicitly voiced his aspirations, in both speech and action. An example of this is the bombings that occurred in Jordan and massacred those inviolable souls.


Islam is totally innocent of these ideologies and misguided acts. Even Jihad in the path of Allah has stipulations and guidelines that have to be met.


Using the name of Islam and (a twisted) understanding of Jihad to spread anarchy in the ranks of the Muslims, declare their blood and wealth to be lawful, cause disunity and division, weaken their position, empower their opponents against them and blemish the appearance of Islam in the most awful manner- acts such as slaughtering a human by slicing their jugular vein and then showing this to millions through the media outlets- has led to some people fleeing from Islam and detesting the Muslims, because the activities of these weirdoes that have nothing to do with Islam or the Muslims.


Link for original article


Translated by Hassan As-Somali

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the beheadings, while not all, but some were justified. we'd do the same if we discovered

an intel worker like nick berg. don't believe me? watch the video again. he was dead when his head was cut off. not enough blood. talk to any pathologist. hell, i've worked in animal pathology labs. lots of blood during beheadings. he was straight intel. as was the other guy.

perl..daniel perl, i think.


Are You like totally bugging, Son?

I've read your posts and you are totally off your nut. :shook:


Are You an expert on how much blood comes out of a live human neck

neck when it's sawed off? How many live human head have You sawed

off in in Your animal pathology lab?


Who is Your great source of intelligence in Al-Qaueda's Tanzim Qa'idat Al-Jihad network?

Don't know who the Tanzim Qa'idat Al-Jihad network is? It's Zarqawi's network from Al-Quaeda.


we would kill a spy if he/she were caught here. maybe not as

'savagely', but we would kill a spy. we probably do several hundred

times a year without americans even knowing.


you think they executed him like that because they thought he was a spy?

Do You even know why Muslims commit beheadings? There is a lot of symbolism

dating way back involved.


the cia is shipping 'terrorists' off to so that they can torture them

and have no geneva convention rules apply (some of which are gone now.

bush has given permission to torture now. geneva convention rules

thrown out the door)


The Geneva convention applies ONLY to Soldiers of a nation,

and not insurgents in the first place.


the uninform he;s wearing is the same as abu-ghraib uniforms.


It's an orange jumpsuit. You think an orange jumpsuit can't be purchased in the middle east?


the chairs are standard issue u.s. govt chairs. no doubt about it.


BWAHAHAHA! Now this is funny shit. And You have experience in

USGI logistics/supply having to do with plastic lawn chairs? Do you have a pic and and accompanying NSN(national stock number) to verifly it is infact a USGI plastic chair? And not one bought down the street at Halaal WalMart?:D


i just posted a video witha white guys ear and army hat


And You can confirm that was a white guy's Ear and Army hat?

Even if was an issue army hat, do you know that the insurgency

also possesses many US issue field gear items, including captured

Interceptor Body armor, M16s, M249 Saws and various other weapons,

amongst Com Bloc stuff?


What about these guys beheaded by the Tanzim Qa'idat Al-Jihad

including Berg beheaded bewtween 2000-2005?


Name of Victim Nationality Religion Date of Beheading Place of Beheading:


Nick Berg American Jewish May 11, 2004 Iraq

Kim Sun-il South Korean Christian June 22, 2004 Iraq

Georgi Lazov Bulgarian Christian July 13, 2004 Iraq

Ivailo Kepov Bulgarian *Christian July 14, 2004 Iraq

Mohammed Mutawalli Egyptian Muslim August 8, 2004 Iraq

Durmus Kumdereli Turkish *Muslim September 13, 2004 Iraq

Jack Hensley American Christian September 20, 2004 Iraq

Eugene Armstrong American Christian September 21, 2004 Iraq

Kenneth Bigley Britain Christian October 7, 2004 Iraq

Unidentified Truck Driver Turkish *Muslim October 14, 2004 Iraq

**11 Iraqi Police & National Guardsmen Iraqi Muslim October 17, 2004 Iraq

Shosei Koda Japanese Christian October 31, 2004 Iraq

Ali Hussein Jassem Mohammad al-Zubaidi Iraqi Shiite Muslim January 21, 2005 Iraq

Ahmad Alwan Hussein al-Mahmadawi Iraqi Shiite Muslim January 21, 2005 Iraq

Jassim Mohammed Hussein Mahdi Iraqi Muslim April 5, 2005 Iraq





Are they all elaborate hoaxs pulled off By white people, with gold rings,

and Gov't spec plastic chairs?

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not an expert on how much blood comes out of human necks being severed,

but i did work in necropsy at a research facility. on the project i was involved in

we were studying protein etc. intake of certain dog foods. we regularly put dogs down

and took certain parts of their bodies off to send to the lab. including the head.

there is quite a bit of blood even after the dog has been dead for five minutes or so

(sometimes these things were rushed due to schedules and whatnot).


now, in my experience, removal of the head severs a large vein called the jugular.

this causes splatter and spillage of massive amounts of blood. believe me, it was messy.


on the berg video, i see no spillage, no splatter, etc. it would have been so messy.

those guys would be covered in blood. yet, somehow, maybe because allah willed it,

they remained relatively blood free.


as far as the prison uniforms, chairs, etc. muslim men don't wear jewelry. i remember

atleast one fo these guys wearing jewelry. nick berg worked at abu ghraib. berg let

a couple of men borrow his laptop on a bus.


"On May 14, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during the U. S. government's investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui. Berg's email address had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks. According to Berg's father, Nick Berg had had a chance encounter with an acquaintance of Moussaoui on a bus in Norman, Oklahoma. This person had asked to borrow Berg's laptop computer to send an email. Berg gave the details of his own email account and password, which were later used by Moussaoui. The FBI found that Berg had had no direct terrorism connections or direct link with Moussaoui"


oh really? there was no wireless back then, and by no means was there any wireless service on buses. they're still working the kinks out of that technology. this guy was a spy. cia, fbi, mossad, whatever. he was a spy.


as for the other people executed, i can't make any claims, save for daniel pearl. whom i do believe was a mossad operative. properties he owned in the states are quite lavish for a little known reporter.


about zarqawi: there's alot to say about it. too much for me to write about here.

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I'm not into conspiracy theories even though it would be in my best interest to beleive that American soldiers were doing this and Bush knocked down the towers.


I don't buy that stuff though. Too far fetched maybe.


I personally have slaughtered many animals , though and yes there is a lot of blood, but that doesnt necessitate that there would be splatter all over the killers. I've slaughtered a 200 lb. sheep and came out of it without a drop on me. Someone experienced knows what to do to prevent that.

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Nick Berg planted the explosives in the WTC while he was sitting in the government-issued plastic lawn chairs (according to a WTC office worker). Zacarias Mousouaii was down the block using Nick Berg's laptop and surfing the net at the laundromat while he was washing the Abu-Gharaib uniforms (since they were orange). The laundromat was closed down on the day of September 11th. Oil was discovered beneath the laundromat in downtown NYC, and now Halliburton owns it and is using it to build an oil pipeline that runs from the WTC site all the way to Iraq. Also, it's interesting that no blood was found in the rubble of the towers because all the victims were already dead prior to the two planes hitting.. And the seats on the airplanes were not regular cramped airline seats, but U.S. government-issued plastic lawn chairs.

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It's true, I read it on 911truth.com because I don't question the "evidence" from these conspiracy sites with the same veracity that I do from official sources and experts. There was also a 5th airplane involved in the attacks that hit a skyscraper in a city in the U.S... the city is not known because the government has kept this city a secret and all its inhabitants are fenced in from the outside world. And those are not grey hairs on George W. Bush's head, those are silver passive transmission wires that take in signals from other galaxies and dimensions of the universe that inform him of further instructions.

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