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Ok ok yes graffiti is a hobby I dont go out as much as I should partly because no one around me paints and I basically know no one else who paints. So I changed formats to art...Now I have no where to do art I am drained creatively. I am drained partly because I cant play drums and have no where to play and I quit the band I was in... ANYWAYS


I need something new to fall in love with I am that will bring zest into my life and make me happy again...



Please keep it serious what do you guys do in your spare time away from graffiti away from posting on 12oz away from crying like whiny bitches (yes i am doing this right now but i am trying to stop!) Yes I have done the hammock thing it was great but I need something new...

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Lift weights






scam on asian girls


eat fine food when i have the money for it


travel ....once again, when i have the money for it


kick it with friends








explore new portions of my area


just walk out the door and go.....sometimes the most amazing times await when i have no plan to go on.

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all better than doing the crack or speed or whatever you were on when you made thi s thread.


i don't have many hobbies outside of art. hmm.... hmmmmmm...... sports shooting. that's all i can think of.

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when ever im bored (usually during the day) i grab acouple streaks and a backpack full of white/black paint.. drive myself to a length of railroad tracks in an area i havent walked down and walk down the tracks doing tags/throwups whenever possible. its really relaxing because while youre on the street no one suspects you and you're getting a bunch of spots that wont be seen too often, but they pretty close to never get buffed.



sometimes i walk for about 5 hours and call someone to come pick me up.

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