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marlboro country (virginia)


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You sound like a toy. If you weren't you wouldn't be stuck in the situation you're in and complaining online to a bunch of people you don't know. Why don't you get up and get out and go make some money instead of making excuses and wasting space being annoying/annoyed on someone else's couch.

You could: stay with a hot girl you're fornicating with, make/spend money and get a suite with a heated pool, buuut no...you're staying with some frat kid hippies cause you're a TOY.

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50 cent pbr drafts tonight!

if you don't know where then you dont know where


"And im sorry dude..Ill take a sports bar with cool ass people with money to afford real beer VS. a bunch of dirty ass punk kids with enough money to afford a couple gross ass PBRs. But thats just my life."


that's a quote from you. clown.:rolleyes:

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someone should compile all the knowledge human skull bong has shared via this forum and publish a book of it. That book would be so powerful and sought after that if would probably surpass oil and potable water in value as a commodity .disputes to posses its knowledge would most likely start ww3...jussayin

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If such a book were created it was cause a shitnami with shit waves so colossal and unforgiving that it's shit breeze alone would rip babies heads clean off from hundreds of miles away. It would be like when that giant marshmellow man came and crushed shit in ghost busters, but in book form. It would be fucked up. These mega squares are not ready to heed my internet words, but I would not care because I would charge so much money I would have my own island that was a boat AND helicopter. This way my island would not be toy like all those other islands because I can go wherever I want and not stay in one lame body of water.

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