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marlboro country (virginia)

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Okay first off..Rime is fucking awesome. Anyone that can paint something almost as tight as what you see when you trip hard is an ok guy in my book. And Second..Sigh is fucking awesome and maybe MAYBE just as equally awesome as Rime if he keeps going the way hes going. That Distort is fucking fire son..the only reason its a spot jock is because its in this awesome "city" of Richmond. Spot jocking only exsists in cities where graffiti is not very common. People can cry and whine and blah blah blah gay it up all they want over that distort but its fire and thats enough said about that. And Lastly..come on guys..you get sooo worked up about this graffiti stuff like you don't have something ALOT better to worry about. You show me a guy thats life revolves around graffiti and ill show you a guy thats never banged an asian chick or a guy thats never went on month long lsd and mushroom binges. Why cant we al just get along. You guys have been riding your fag bikes around too much and not smoking enough weed. aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnd back to the DC thread


dude i can't believe how gay you are

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Yes, but everything comes from somewhere. Right?


Indeed it does.... so shall I jump in your thread and depict your whole crews styles originality? should i spend the time to research "your" arrow when i've personaly seen it done before in the late 80's by london writers?... should I jump in ya buddy jurnes thread and share my hate for the MOST unoriginal but yet jocked styles of today?....not me, i can respect what he's doing for HIM...... you must be retarted thinking that you developed/created any of your own style....flareouts with bright colors..highlights with fatcaps etc...cmonow.. .you may have TODAY.. but in the essence.. you have not either...fuck ya hate homeboy.....you were better off taking it as a compliment then sharing your idealistic opinion of your graffiti's COMPARED to anyones....we can all thank the chrome angels for whats going on today with graffiti period.......




but then again... for the idiot a few pages back that said there is no such thing as original styles anymore?.... think again........2010.................

Much respect for the SOUTHERN GENERAL.............. who else is rockin full color burners in Richmond Va in the public's face?..... nunya...... ;)

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Go around, thank you for saying all of that. I actually enjoyed reading it. I like your outlook on things. And fox, I'm roadtripping..in every sense of the word... to RVA in a couple weekends. Hit me up if you're interested havn't even seen your black ass ina minute. Gonna be a lot of jumpouts involved and probably a good deal of brain damage. Good things.

Edit: and that 7th letter and sigh situation is what it is i guess...but to me Sigh's a God, cypher divine... shit definitely looks golden.

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i was speaking to the ones talking shit..... and i said nunya....meaning none of you..... not none.....

I'll be sure to type telepathically next time.........cheers for the grammer lesson money.......


right, and i'm the one missing the point. jesus.:rolleyes:

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ok.. .my bad that you didn't get my intentional thought process.....don't be dumb man....it's the fucking internet where translations get lost...misinterpretations etc... i wasn't speaking to you or about you so the fucks the problem?.......you wanna start some shit over one sentence you read on the internet that wasn't typed to your liking?........cmon man....

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who's starting shit? i agreed with everything that you said, except for the part about "noneya". i didn't miss the point. i'm not mad. i just thought perhaps you should have picked your words better to make your point. you sure do get worked up easily.

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