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marlboro country (virginia)

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wow, you know I remember gettin locked up for 6 months when I got busted. Became a felon and lost all my rights. No writers gave a fuck(Maybe red and zy). Got the shit beat out of me and everything. Talk about paying dues. I'm paying for the rest of my life. Fuck it.


I'm just talking.


Good for him


if it makes you feel better, i have to always talk to strippers and prostitutes. i can't hold a steady relationship. i just feel like strippers are better at sex, and when you pay them the sex is way better than fucking a virgin. so look on the brightside, it's just a phase, my problem is for life. i may never have a beautiful wife. only whores.:(

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Somebody rock a link to what you

guys are talking about... Television

I would presume. I just got my new

RealTree HDmax Camo rain jacket

and it's all beautiful outside. It was

supposed to rain. Fuck. I guess it

can't rain everyday.


Don't get it twisted... I really like

seeing RATS up in random places.




But then there is actual style and

what not. Sorry for posting the Aest...

I know that he sold out and all, but

I just found out about him and I think

he style is super! Did you guys hear

that he getting a Yacht and sailing

around major coastal cities painting

Law Offices of Marks and Harrison

walls? If he gets to do this, if it really

does happen, I wish him the very

best of luck.





Sorry about the Tonzer... I had no

control over it being there.






The end.

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tonzers stackin chips yall...buck buck!! and if i ever got that chance to sellout...i would. then id basque in the hate. id wear that shit like a tan.

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