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marlboro country (virginia)

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This is all quoted from you-know-where's:





It's amazing how things can work out. A few yeas back the General Assembly was voting on a bill that would increase penalties for certain types of graffiti. The measure proposed would set a mandatory minimum fine of $500 for graffiti that is more than 20 feet off the ground, on a railroad or highway overpass, or is gang related.



Our friend Mickael Broth was arrested in Richmond Va for graffiti a few years back. He was convicted of painting on a CSX railroad bridge over 295, among other things. The cost of repainting the bridge was $7000 (How it cost that much to paint over a rusty train bridge is ridiculous in itself, really it could have been done fore a few hundred bucks). Young Mr. Broth spent 11 months in jail for painting on that bridge, in fact he spent his 21st birthday in jail.



Since then Mike has served his time (and then some) and paid his fines. In the last few weeks Mike won the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship Award. Now he goes in front of the General Assembly to be honored by the same people who were voting on a bill based on Mikes arrest three years ago. He is also getting a grant for $8000 for the award. So I guess that puts Mike up $1000 bucks. Mike you never would have saved that much money anyway you goddamn son of a bitch, you better think about it baby. This past week Mike also had 4 pieces accepted into the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia In Virginia Beach. That show opens April 11th and goes until the end of June.



I asked Mike what he is going to do with his hard earned prize money..."I think I'm gonna use the money to build a large garage in the backyard to build a mini ramp inside so that I can skate any time day or night, rain or shine." Check out more of Mike at http://www.wiltedroses.com you can also peep pictures of his hot wife on his site as well."


this dude is one of my biggest inspirations. fucking good for you dude... you fucking deserve it...

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you've pretty much dug you're own grave in these forums with no intervention from me....


go back to school.


See, the thing is, I don't need school to be successful in life. Just you're a big VCU boy now doesn't mean anything.


AND I didn't get all giddy like a school girl bitch when 12oz opened registration...like I heard you did:lol:


Keep jocking everyone in Richmonds nuts, writing shitty graffiti, and studying poetry. I won't be as closed minded as to tell you to change what to do.


OH YEAH Mr. BigCollegeMan...it's your, not you're.

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