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marlboro country (virginia)

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You know what else is pretty lame on a day like today?



I'm slipping and slidng in some turkey today fools.

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IMG_20110927_170049 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



IMG_20110927_165652 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



IMG_20110927_170533 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



IMG_0126 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



IMG_0127 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



2011-09-22_18-55-13_92 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



2011-09-22_18-44-45_553 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



2011-09-22_18-39-39_548 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr



2011-09-22_18-31-06_70 by 7citiesaerosolart, on Flickr


I'm not sure if any of these have been posted... Just some of the stuff I have come across

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Yo 7 cities you write Revok right? Or is it Taki-189? If either of those is you I've been seeing your shit around and frankly its amazing. How long have you been a king?

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I find it strange that for the past several years the average "users currently viewing this thread" was normally between 2 and 20 for the total of users and guests combined. All of a sudden in the past 2 weeks it has jumped to about 30-50 users and 75-100 guests. Creeeeepppyyyyy

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