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marlboro country (virginia)


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Y'all are mad cool. I'm going grow up to be like all you guys one day. Can every one start to get up . I don't give a fuck who you know or who you are cool with if you can't swing a bat you can play baseball if you don't spray a can you can't do graffiti. fame by who you know is played out. Fame by what you do is where its at bump phone . He gets up.

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I cant believe your proof of hanging out with those ppl is on some OD GAY AS FUCK blackbook shit. I mean for real though did you paint a spot with those dudes...OH OH OH let me guess they probably took you to paint clean trains but you just couldnt catch a flick. FOR THE LOVE OF VIRGINIA SOMEONE PLEASE BEAT CLEMER UP AND STEAL HIS "NEW" bike. Listening to clemer whine is worse than wiping my ass with 30 grit sandpaper and i dont even think they make sandpaper that rough. I also heard that the more 12oz posts you have the more street cred you will get so when ppl like Malvo come to town they will be on some OD EXUBERANT shit like RADIATING posi vibes tryn to chill with you and what not. BTW theres a hot naked babe in bed with me right now and dont hit me with some pics or it didnt happen shit cuz this mug right here DONT LIE.


What new bike dog? lol

I could us one though..


Oh oh oh and nah didnt get to paint trains becasue I wasnt tall enough to reach them :(

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Is this like a new saying?


...close thread...


na...its part of the thread agreement...check it out in the...check here before postin thread...if u can get 100,000 "close thread"s in a thread....an administrator will close the thread....so.....close thread....n i wouldnt have 2 say it if it didnt need 2 b closed....

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