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marlboro country (virginia)


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why would you even bother writing Kae when someone in your town has been writing Kaes for years and years and is in multiple crews across the US? Your never going to be taken seriously, your not that good yet, and its not like you've done a shitload of work with that name. Your shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up for failure. I for one will never be able to take you seriously and neither will anyone who knows my name or is affiliated with myself or the crews that I rep. Why even bother? Im just bein logical here, not internet bullying you into doing something, I'll do that face to face. And painting in other states? Please, I travel more than anyone you know, I don't paint much in RVA anymore because I've painted the city 4 times over and sure as shit don't have anything to prove to some ignorant rookies. Boston, NYC, Philly, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, SF, Oakland, Seattle, Portland, London, Paris to name a few. I am not claiming to be king of shit mountain but I've done a lot of work under the name Kaes and a lot of people know me for that. Why bother writing a name that no one will take your seriously except your handful of idiot friends who make up such a microcosm of the world of graffiti. Im giving you a chance at a fresh start, take it or leave it but you will not be happy with yourself if you continue to write that name. I know how to find you and Im sure you could find me if you wanted to, small town dude.

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not to be a dick man but if you go to flickr there is already multiple people writing KAES. and I rarely see your shit up anymore. While you claim to have killed it years ago thats one thing but right now new people are coming in and coming up with a name is not easy. KAE has no conflict with anything that is UP right now. If you really have an issue you should just go out and paint. If you want people to know who you are go out and get up. posting on the forums telling people they cant use the letter K or A or E or S because its in your name is retarded.

Hell even I was told on here at one time... nobody is going to go looking behind a building in the middle of the woods or in a sewer to know who I am. Get that shit up on the highway, rooftops, etc. let it be known that your shit is here and that KAE is a conflict instead of posting on here from a laptop sitting at a bar.

Just my thoughts not trying to hate.

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