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marlboro country (virginia)


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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
ill make sure i keep posting just for you guys . Kleenex anyone!!


I'm gonna need more than a kleenex to wipe the crap that you burn into my computer screen. Zing zap owww!


You just like posting pictures because it's the only time people pay attention to you and your friends graffiti, huh? I mean after all every one wants attention for their sprays, and no one is giving it to you on a wall that is literally seen by not more than a handful of people. Sucka duckin

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I feel you i dont see myself either cause im soo damn sly and quick and smooth that my black ass with my white teeth be dissapering in the night. Once again bump ANW K4A MWS

Rype nouse resp hijak nak nesr zombie crel (thor Thc) anyone who is not on here everyday shit talking.

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yes people have been bumped twelve ounce is making progress the new age of virginia has just begun pffft and it died again just as soon as the shit got deep enough to strangle it put your shit stompers on its so deep its coming out of eyeballs


think back to the people you know that paint that at one time where qoute never heard of i bet you where one of em eh good point aint it but hey imma go paint something

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