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What would you do if you were a chinese mutant?

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I dont know if this has been posted but i couldnt see it anywhere....


_41730448_jie_jie_203.jpg A two-month-old boy born with two left arms has successfully undergone surgery to remove one of them, doctors in Shanghai say.


Neither arm was fully functional and doctors decided to remove the one closest to his chest after tests revealed it was less developed.

Doctors say the boy, Jie-jie, will require long-term physical therapy to build strength in his remaining arm.

The operation took place on Tuesday at the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre.

Dr Chen Bochang, head of the orthopaedics department at Shanghai Children's Medical Centre, said the operation had been "very successful".

"He is now a pretty good condition, although he still needs some time under observation," he said.

Uncertain case

Jie-jie was born on 1 April at a small hospital in Anhui Province.

He is reported to have just one kidney, and may have problems that could lead to curvature of the spine.

When either of his left arms was touched, Jie-jie would cry, but he smiles and responds normally to other stimuli.

Before the surgery, doctors were unsure as to how to approach the operation.

Dr Chen said his case was "quite peculiar".

"We have no record of any child with such a complete third arm." Dr Chen's hospital is one of China's most experienced in dealing with unusual birth defects, including separating conjoined twins.






Now, i dont see why they didnt let him keep it. THink about it... big advantage whilst attempting many things, handstands for example.


ALso he could also be trained up to be an amazing boxer, or street fighter.


WHo agrees?

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1, you're late.

2. I wish I could punch you in the face for having the user name Poes and not bein Poes.

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