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What's your favorite cereal?

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ohhhh yess.......


log rolls down stairs

alone or in pairs

rolls over your neighbor's dog

it's good for a snack

it fits on your back




it's big

it's heavy

it's wood



it's better than bad

it's good!

everyone wants a log!

you're gonna love it, log!

everyone needs a log!


.. from blammo..


hahahaha... gotta love it...

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yess, anti-soap-core all the way! hahaha! it kinda sucks that i get denied a lot by girls because i don't use it though. fuck em...

i don't know the "don't whiz on the electric fence" song, i've only seen that episode once or twice back in the day....

"it's our most favorite game in zeh whole yide yerld!"


powdered toast is jam packed full of VITAMIN F!!!!

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Originally posted by cornelius

fuckin... !sugar sod pops!

"if you like grass, if you like dirt, eat sugar sod pops, it can't hurt!"

.... goddamn, ren & stimpy rule..


Don't forget about "Powdered Toast Man" he farts on your bowl of powdered toast and curdled milk as he blasts off to fly backwards...wtf?

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Originally posted by dirtysicks

Can we get a poll my brother!!??........... :D

<span style='font-family:arial'><span style='color:darkblue'>

I puposefully left out the poll. There are so many cereals out there, I mean, nobody's even touched "malt-o-meal" or "maple and brown sugar oatmeal" yum...You may find this weird, but have you ever eaten cooked rice (chilled), with milk and sugar like cereal? It's not all that good...but oh well.</span></span>

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