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Black In The Day (music)

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sip the juice, i got enough to go around...




seeks/knows the ledge

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Question why is it that when I go out to a night club

Only the ugly chicks want to step to me

I mean like i'm ugly or something huh

What you mean huh

Funk dat

Get out of my face

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2 older sisters ruled over the radio dictators,tyrants,despots who ruled over their police state by using radio waves to control the population


swv stay here# these bitches rode around singing,on horses,on the beach while michael jackson soothed their loniness over and over dont go,stay right here with us and ride horses,or else you have to hear this song


mariah carey someday# the best part of this song is a little suprise at the very end,a shrill,intense noise that goes on forever. awesome! i love that noise!! lets all sing along


bobby brown my perogative# this beat alone makes your house smell like bobby brown just totally boned your mom and your sister inside of your nose


bell biv devoe do me- ahh yes,do me .what could i say that they dont?


wrexx n effect rump shaker-- at around this time i planted the seed of revolution


salt n pepa shoop--hiroshima for me,i had to change my way of thinking

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4,5,6 is in the mix,


Im hittin em with grips.

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the mohawks- the champ (cotillion records)

alvin cash- its twine time

lee dorsey- get out my life woman

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It's the nigga with the mask on that will yack dude for jewels

Aint gotta say it, that dudes the truth

make me put that tool to use

these niggaz will be in the game shakin like Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Not turrets, gotta rep, my team to the end

Lambos to ferraris to the beamers to the benz

If I blam it'll kill, never ran never will

only thing that bleed on me is these jeans on my timbs

Hat low its not a weak link in my squad

I'm LL In Too Deep, I'm thinkin I'm God

As far as rappers I'm thinkin theyre frauds

call 'em all rubix cubes cause I really used to think they was hard

For once trust me you don't wanna start problems

the pound will make you Eddie Curry wit a heart problem

So if you on the block wit only a few grams man

then you a bird nigga, Tucan Sam

And any beat ima air that, rappers just gotta wear that

Fox Brown should be the only one that can't hear that

Hit you in the spine or the belly, gun on me

I ain't Sticky Fingaz, I ain't leave mine in the telly, smell me?

Thank god he ain't fuckin wit that red line

cuz i'll merk any nigga that disrespect mine

If it wasnt fed time, or lock up or rec time, dude 'll be a daily news headline

You ain't the best, what memo got sent?

if you got dogs what kennel they in?

So if you wanna get fresh like a mentos mint

then it'll tempt those men, wit clips longer than Leno's chin

Aint no type guts wit you

you Terrel Owens them niggaz that wear eagles they don't even wanna fuck wit you

Me fam? I was pimpin weed dirt, back when niggaz used to rock Simpsons t-shirts

I'll give it to any nigga, I mean any nigga

big man or skinny nigga, dare a dude tempt me nigga

auto or semi nigga, dump it till it's empty nigga

they don't even want you in New York, you like Penny nigga

Check the time it's around that hour

lil niggaz they ain't around that powder

They ain't super or luigi or Mario, ain't found that power

plus they couldn't spit fire if they found that flower

Cowards, know the toys bust loco

they tryin to dap my hand like the Boy's Club logo

And yea that 5 slide and clock

im the million dollar baby, but I won't die tryin to box

Dont want a piece of the cake, I won't the pie and all

I don't believe 'em when they say they be supplying the raw

You don't move white you lyin dogg

that's a neverending story without the white flying dog

These dudes is broke don't know the feeling of bread

they in dept, tampon niggaz still in the red

And the fans keep askin if ya man stopped beefin

I call 'em Mr. Fantastic, tell 'em stop reaching

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on that same note

Does anyone have the remix of paid in full?

I'm not sure what the name of it is, but its on the 12" paid in full single

the beat is the same one as the nas song Stillmatic where he dissed jay z

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