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Even superpowers must face Judgement

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The time draws nigh. We will soon see if our democracy is completely broken. As you well know the Help America Vote Act has succeeded in flooding the country with vote-stealing machines. While there are several courtcases defenders of justice are embroiled in, we have not seen much in results, and they may be in stalemate.


Democrats now have a clear majority support, and mid-term elections should reflect that. And of course when democrats are back in power they damn well better impeach Bush.


Notice now, how the propaganda, sweating the polls, derides and belittles them. They don't pay much attention to them. They have already begun their assault. If they have broken democracy, we have no choice but to take it to the streets of course. We've already put up with this shit for 6 damn years, and now everyone is tired of their line of bull, we damn well better see some real results.

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You're fucking right. I also think it's amazing that we've been hearing about these mid-term elections since January and the election isn't until fucking November. There's going to be so much goddamn spin going around I think I'm going to vomit.

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yeah. shit is nuts. I think there are gonna be some very key things that will determine the next few years. (with the next few years determining the future of this country). anywho, i feel like what will be important is:


1. What cheney says in his testimony against Libby.


2. How much Arlen Specter continues to go after the NSA wiretapping.


3. How much power Negroponte's office gets

a. With Hayden's confirmation it only makes things worse.

b. monitoring of protest activity, even of students at colleges.


4. Immigration reform.

a. do we send back all the mexicans and fuck our economy, especially in texas?

b. do we reflect a progressive stance and say fuck it, open boarder.

c. do we pull the same guest worker bullshit and only increase the socioeconomic divide in

this country.

i. will this cause the same racial tensions that we see in france and other european



5. Will Bush and Cheney get impeached?

a. This leaves us with Hastert? WOOOOO...note my enthusiasm


6. Will the democratic party grow some balls and go after the real issues with the current

administration and republican ticket?

a. False reason for war.

b. Destruction of civil liberties.

c. Sweeping and unconstitutional expanse of executive branch

d. Destruction of certain political norms, eg privacy for safety, possi comitatus, etc.



i think thats all i got for now.

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