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The Bad Luck Trifector (Forced Eviction, Fighting and ...?)

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So they say bad luck comes in three's this week two things have happened.


1) I got forcefully evicted out of my house, as some of you know I had been arguing with my (ex) housemates. Long story shortened this ended up with them trying to increase my rent and me telling them it's illegal and explaining how and why. After telling them we should sit down and sort it out the next evening they came into my room and physically took all the shit out and put in the street during the day. This is now in the process of being dealt with.


2) So I have to move into my parents house which is in the middle of no where for a few nights while I sort out my stuff before I go stay with friends. I work in the city then go to a friends art exhibition, drink a couple beers then catch the retardedly long train ride back. During this twelve drunk rowdy guys sit in the carriage next to me two of which keep comming into my carriage and running around just acting silly. This is not a problem for me, even though I was half asleep and they woke me up. One sits down next to me and says "ticket inspector, you got your ticket". I laugh and say "yeah bro" and show him my ticket. He snatches out my hand, we start arguing he slaps me (which was a weird thing to do) and I punch him in the face and then proceed to fight the two of them. This went on until the next stop when they grabbed my back pack and ran off the train. Luckily their were only some cd's and a t shirt in it.


None of this has really bothered me that much, the lumps on my head have pretty much healed and my bum shoulder which always pops out (even I go swimming) is feeling better. I've been thinking about moving out of that house for a while anyway. But I'm wondering if one last bad thing will happen this week. Tomorrow's sunday. Time will tell.

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Yeah true, it's alright though. Ups and downs of life type stuff. I actually remembered that I got banned from my local video store the day after (the manager's a total jerk and I told him as much), so I guess bad luck really does come in three's?

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