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gotta put this out there .....way back... im mean way way back ....i was leaving ct to catch a train to providence RI while waitn on the train some dudes were skatin the station.. i met this one kid by reading this he should know who this is..... either case im not tryn to put anyone on blast but his name should ring a bel ..here is a glimpse of that when i lived in prov. i took this from a rhode island thread on here enjoy ......this thread was started by ABOVE ....this site has some crazy deep shit ...this was my background b4 i came to connecticut ....this was also the time i met tm sae he was a risdy student as well one of the illest writers i ever met ......this was an earlier scene most of the cats like woody kreem dnous tm sae and of course target were kids i wrote with b4 i came back to connecticut ...i was so hated. i had no idea ..i pretty much kept to myself i can see how people can misunderstand that i wasnt the most social person then ....i guess its never to late to change ..



from the the best RI writer thread ......


Actually it was Cryze aka(dune) he was a fresh ass artist he came here from connecticut he was tight from the get go but he wasnt cRicks boy crick hated him matter fact a lot of writers back then didnt like him he was way too cocky ,yeah Crick selling crack hmm I dunno about that but Ill tell you what his merchandise wasnt legal thats fo sure. I wish he would of kept painting he had some funky ass styles back then we would always get together and compare notes he always amazed me then I would turn around and suprise him thats what its about man progressing getting the respect for all that hard work you put in, Now my man woody CiA via France there a select few that know about this Parisian Master this guy to me 10 years ago was the freshest writer I had the privledge to be affiliated with. We got to meet him (Dnous,EmyT,DJkraZE) back in 91 he was best freinds with the head of our american C.I.A chapter (CriminalesEnAccion) no relation to the CiA in NY cause europe back then was still in homage to New York as they are today much respect to all the europe heads ive met throughout the years anyways my man KreeM 1 was here in Rhode Island we hooked wit him in high school he showed us how to develop our skills this guy at the time without a doubt the best writer in RI, Boston all of new england I must say he had the sickest style ,characters even today would put a lot cats back to the drawing board mind you this guy hated thin caps he would always go stock Id be like dammmmmmmm I wish man I had some flicks to show yuall, but a have a lot of people to thank for what they showed me back in my early days but back to my story WooDy came here only once and rocked out some shit he was always into those big ass letters even before they were popular again I havent heard from either of my freinds since then I heard that Kreem joined the Legion I dont know what happened to Woody. KreeM would always have a meeting every week at his house there we would compare our notes show him what we were working on he would never let us leave until we finished a piece or charecters or try to develop a new throwup and the cool shit was that the guys in france would mail us their latest work and be like here take this and learn off it thats how i really developed my style man I wish you guys could these people really good peeps are hard to find but Im just a simple man with simple pleasures and ..........dam my sentence structure could use some help peace R.I. dropping a lil history on yuall hope you enjoy cause I think about it all the time.



thanx ABOVE ......where ever you are .....

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oh no sons damn i only had like 2 peices with that name .....one next to besm peice and one so deep in the eastside of bpt ct behind the wonder bread factory wich was another spot that nobody found ha ha ha

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