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speaking of the whole QVC crew.....some dude scope has been going over they're shit lately.......and if you're here on 12oz.....im just letting you know that nobody appreciates what you're doing.....and you should chill on that cause it doesnt make you look cool...it makes people want to HURT you.......so relax homeboy.and im not dickriding they're crew....but i dont want homeboys actions to go further onto ragging more people.word.

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he actually went over a fillin i had running since 97 with a big silly "S" lol...honestly, its not worth taking kids like that on. you have more to lose than they do...if you run into him accidentally whip his ass, but dont bother starting "beef" with a noname toy. i have wasted time on that type of project before and its not very fruitful

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it's really no biggie i guess.....but like he just needs to realize that he cant just randomnly think he can go over peoples shit...and that be it,he went over that yellow zaps,so zaps went back over,and the dude wrote on the flickr page"im gonna have to go back there"....like what the fuck?forrrreallllllll.....and im pretty sure he wrote those blood calls on that vel....





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