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Damn you guys dissed all that shit that was a week young, didn't even throw up any love.. not even worried about the emty, that's fine you went over that.. but going over that Edit with that is straight low! That Edit had mad hours into it. There is so much room at that spot to paint, and you just had to go over it with no effort in your shit? I could see if you dropped some fire there, but wtf!? Fucking wack ass bitches giving props, don't even know the deal. I never had a problem with any of yall till now. If you're going to paint that spot, paint down the tunnel more, there is room for all of us. I don't understand the mentality of going to a spot and putting piece over piece when you can drop pieces along the entire fucking tunnel and make the best spot ever and have everyone's shit run! And you wonder why people are beefing?? To me that is interpreted as disrespect. Then you get all upset when it rolls back on yall. To all people to do that too, you chose one of the cats that has a lot of respect for everyone.



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