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yo seme, how u been homie!? that first one is from Defy ADM, second is from Big Keph


ma nikka.. who even is u tho 2 be saying such things tho?? aint u the same scrap dula who said nikkkas could bite a throwie tho? how u could bite a throwie slime u make no sense at all famo fall back.....real reconize real and ya nikkas smellin unfamiliar in the face b... fall back or get your dome push back kid u aint built for this ya nikkas should take up knitting instead. u a frog hollow in the face type dula quick to get your wig chopped 5 iigt ma nikka U kno wat really chaps my ass? A nikka think oh we all city we catch a heavan spot in Five Guys ima go home n post it in 12oz. Like ma nikka how u even sound rite now 2 catch a 5 guys burna thas cool an all but who in ya squad could drop a str8 letta thou? Tell me this ya nikkas got 5 guys fillin on deck but who in ya team got a wendys fillin tho? Ya nikkas is not even rreal bombers fam and i aomt evem a real bomba and i no more then them nikkas scrap. Who in ya team got fillins in white castle tho put it like this its a throwie who in ya squad got fillins on deck at popeyes tho slime? U the type to rock a heelie/jordan fusions from 09 thinkin u wavy but then u rockin the heelie mocassins the next day on some whiteboy shit my nikka. What u nikkas kno bout the timbo heelies tho? Ya niggas aint even built 4 this scrapaflem u the type 2 axe 4 advice about gortex jackets on 12oz my nikla str8 fenimines female fraud in famalam Ma nigga... As far as a politics goes and a secret societies... how u even sound right now??? Nigga... We actually really been doin this as far as politicin is concerned nigga we actually really does this tho. aint u ever seen the movie the Matrix???? niggas been known there aint no secret societys or nuna that slime wtf is a illuminaty tho? fuck u talm bout nikka. We got polos and timbos and prismos on deck nigga u not fuckin with that how we could be in a secret society if niggas got prismos and iron laks an all of that???? u the type 2 quick get ur wings clipped and str8 aired scrap. u niggas is type conspiracy in the face ma nikka

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FIB in Hartford? uh oh, you are now watching the throne


wont see it in this thread cause, im sure ahem-positive- he's not down with the ct circle jerk. pretty much like the pillage and plunder corporate circle jerk that's got the country in peril.

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Nah I think it's cause ct cats hit hard on freights and train 5-0 ain't feeln or tryn to hear that we just got censored .....seriously think about it why would 12 realy give a fuck unless there was some kind a pressure pushn on kid shit rolls down hill the freights solidified ct realness .... Maybe I'm jus as they say .... paranoid,

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