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Here are some old school connect-I-cut pics, to get this going.    Most of these I took before digital cameras in the 90’s. 

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Chuck Livingston here.... A woman from Warsaw, Poland gave birth to twins recentely. The catch? The twins have two different fathers. The woman, who was cheating on her husband with her boyfriend, took in both their snots, in her box... After DNA testing was concluded, it determined her husband was the father of the boy twin, and her boyfriend was the father of the girl twin, with only 7 cases of this happening in the world. The woman has since divorced and is living with her boyfriend. My question is to the viewers... When are we going to Warsaw? Now off to ILC witht he local news and then to Binghamton Rivers with the weather report!

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Binghamton heres, goods mornings to alls my happys viewers! Hope yours days is fabbbbbbbbbbbbbulousssssssss... Be carefuls this mornings on your mornings commutes, wes haves temperatures of 15° withs barelys any winds, buts it's supers slipperys outs... reminds me of my colleges days, whoaaaaaaas... Laters ins the afternoons we wills sees a highs of 36° withs somes amazinggggggggs suns comings outs, it's abouts times the suns came forwards withs it's identitiessss. All yous outdoors peoples withs yours flannelses, enjoys yours supers afternoons, withs an expeteds lows cummings in at 24° degrees tonights... haves an supers awesomes days, now to ILC withs more ofs the locals newseses... Sillys

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We seem to be having technical difficulties with the mobile news-van, we will cut back to them shortly... In other local news today... Lafayette street is now two ways. Since it's exhistance, Lafayette was only one way when you went to get your welfare and social security checks. Now, it can be accessed from High and Grove streets in any direction. "It really helps with my... transacting" Local corner chiller "Pooky" stated to the, In The Cut Press.... "Whether it's bitches, or the meth, we can run biz in both directions now, that's like 2 for 1 clientele, allldayyy, errreyday... nahmean?" Back to you guys in the studio.

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thanks bill. im standing here on a corner in hartfords north end, where a wild ass gang of jamiacans seem to have lit up a housing project. earlier a young man allegedly mentioned something about a bumboclaat, and moments later an entire posse showered his shitty little brick domicile with lead. none of the rasta mon dem availible fi comment, although several of them were heard shouting such catch phrases as "fya pon a infama dem!" and "pussyhole babylon fi DEAD!!!!". Allegedly, this is respresentational of their liberation theology. back to you Bill.

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