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Guest hipnos


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Guest hipnos

travis bickell: serioulsy ni99a

rodney cockles: ni99a's know

ttravis bickell: they do?

rodney cockles: um

rodney cockles: don't they?

rodney cockles: i thought they did

travis bickell: well, i mean, i thought they did

rodney cockles: haha

travis bickell: yeah, they sh0u/d kn0w

rodney cockles: hmm... if they don't, my entire existence will be ruined...

travis bickell: but i mean, i didn't tell them. did you? this is wierd man

rodney cockles: i mean, my life...

rodney cockles: no, i didn't tell em...

rodney cockles: i wonder how they found out?

travis bickell: hmmm, well then how would they know?

rodney cockles: aight who's the rat?!

travis bickell: dude, just answer this, do or do not ni99az know? seriously, just give me an answer

rodney cockles: well, i'm starting to question whether or not i know... and

rodney cockles: through the law of averages it can be inferred that because of all this, ni99as may or may not know

travis bickell: dude of course you know, i mean, you told me and i think that i know. if you don't know then i don't know, and thus, ni99as won't know

travis bickell: i mean, i consider myself a ni99a who knows

rodney cockles: yes. and if ni99as didn't know, then we wouldn't know, for i too consider myself a "ni99a who knows"

rodney cockles: but what, i ask you, is it that we know? there in lies the question..

travis bickell: we know what ni99as know. ni99as knowing is inherent, it goes without question, but how is this established? i consider us to be in the know, but if we don't know what we "know" than how can we know what ni99as know?

rodney cockles: hmmm... a tricky question.. i must ponder this while i evacuate my bladder.... be right back, hopefully in the know of what we, as ni99as who know, actually know..

travis bickell: i will as well, ponder what we, as ni99as know, being ni99as that know

travis bickell: where are you, we must resume this dialogue concerning the knowledge of ni99as with regard to our knowledge, being what we know as ni99as with regard to the statement "ni99as know"

travis bickell: pater suggested that the search for truth was fruitless, that nature was beauty and that inherent beauty transcended any human interpretation, be it artistic or through diagnosis. Oscar Wilde, a desciple of Pater, though considered by many to have misinterpreted his abondoing of a search for truth, suggested that beauty and knowledge exist, yet we can only appreciate them through art. Art is a vehicle from whence truth is conveyed and communicated. Being ni99as who know, we must consider the nature of our knowledge. Do we truly "know" what it is we are knowledgable to, or are we simply interpreting it, for what is to be known is more or less without definition. The search for knowledge and truth is an old and frustrating one, largely abandoned in the late victorian period of the mid to late 19th century. In stating "ni99as know" are we merely subjecting ourselves to an intellectual regression of over 100 years? perhaps we needn't discuss this matter, as it is a non matter

rodney cockles: perhaps the status of "knowledgeable ni99as" is only an unattainable goal

rodney cockles: in respect to knowing what is known by ni99as who know

rodney cockles: perhaps it is unconscious

rodney cockles: ah well

travis bickell: what is known is an enigma, dare i say an intellectual "nirvana" of sorts

rodney cockles: very interesting

travis bickell: it requires lifetimes of self discovery and exploration in order for a ni99a to truly know. the only solution i can offer is simply a moritorium on the statement "ni99as know" because in short, ni99as can not know. it is a crude phrase that has been bastardized by modern usage, the decline of lexigraphy and the domination coloquialisms that we as a society have become far to used to

rodney cockles: ni99az knowing is almost not even the issue anymore.. it has gone beyond that...

travis bickell: for ni99as knowing is indeed a non-issue. this deals with art and knowledge with reference to us as thinkers and intellectuals

rodney cockles: perhaps at some point in history ni99as did know--could know.. perhaps they will gain the capability to know again, but at the present moment in time, ni99az knowing is, quite frankly, implausible.

travis bickell: it is my belief that in order for a ni99a to know, he must transcend thought, body and human experience. it requires a separate intellectual plane in order for a ni99a to know

rodney cockles: as kant put it, "the aesthetic is that which is subjective universal." it is something known, yet not consciously known, for while it is known by all, it is not always the same across the board.. yet there is still this intrinsic knowledge associated with it.. the aesthetic should be innate, something that is...known if you will, without necessarily being known.. this may seem like a contradiction.. but it is in this sense that a ni99a could possibly know, if in fact knowing is innate, without being in conscious 'control' of what he 'knows' or how he knows it..

travis bickell: well, calling once more on Wilde, in his essay "The Decay of Lying" he suggests that in a world as pragmatic and scientific as ours, we have lost the ability to appreciate nature. The only way, Wilde suggests, that we can do so, is through art. Art enables us to see more, not understand, but at least acknowledge the idiosyncratic methods and chaotic disorder in nature. Wilde suggests "nature immitates art!" As readers we come to believe this as true for, as wilde states, were it not for the impressionist's portrayal of the london fog, we could have never of registered and come to know and appreciate it as we do the fog that has always been. Art enables us to better know nature and our suroundings, so while we can appreciate and otherwise, we can never truly "know" something.

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ni99az know who's on first.


actually, i dont even know. nut ni99az might be smarter than me and actually know. but hell if I, and ni99az know.

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Guest hipnos

apparently not many ni99as know...or do you?:crazy:

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Guest hipnos

sorry if you missed it.. guess you aint a knowin ni99a :eek:

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Guest hipnos

must i bump this again? i thought ni99as knew... ah well:rolleyes:

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Guest willy.wonka

alien nightowl wings wings wings


maybe not......

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Guest Pilau Hands

that was extremely amusing



"yeah en eye nine nine at sign zee" -bare

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