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The Soymilk/Ricemilk thread


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Top Posters In This Topic

Again .. if you do not drink cows milk I'd like to hear what you do drink -- especially if it is soy/rice milk. Usually when I go to local health food stores they only stock cases of edensoy and ricedream. I wish they stocked cases of Silk enhanced.

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Commissioned by the FDA...


Well since this was authored by Lynda Bren, and Lynda Bren is a Staff Writer for the FDA consumer magazine. I guess you could say that it was commissioned. Although I found all the information I needed for your little oxygen bar essay in about 2 minutes from several other sources.


Good research though.

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B ) Actually, they have, and it's not.


Also it took me about 5 seconds to find out that "as little as 30mg of soy isoflavones--the amount in 5-8 ounces of soy milk - have been proven to suppress thyroid function"


So bassically all you fat depressed bitches who claim to have hyperthyroidism, no soy for you.


Also if you have younger kids that are developing, taking kids off dairy and putting them on soy milk will weaken the digestive system.


Also, I want to point out I don't hate soymilk. Well I hate the way it tastes, but you guys can put whatever you want in your body. If it's an alternative for you then that's great, I don't think it tastes good with cereal or cookies or anything. Basically what I'm saying is, if you're drinking it because you think it's something special it's not. It has ups and downs like everything else.


Anywho, I'm going to go get my Non-organic milk and hormone infused steak from Wal-Mart now. Holler.



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I don't know what to look for DITD. I don't like soymilk, but I like Tofu and can't really tell that much of a difference between brands. I haven't tried to make it myself yet, so I don't know what the real thing tastes like.


That said, the worst thing about milk is the presence of DIOXIN. Agent Orange. It concentrates in milkfat of cattle. Even organic cattle. Therefore, it's also the problem with cream, butter, and cheese. The paper industry in America is addicted to bleaching paper, and when the paper is burned it releases dioxins which spread with the plume of smoke all around contaminating the cattles food supply. They eat it and it gets passed along to us in the fat component of milk and tissue. The problem as I see it has to do with people in the rural areas being addicted to burning anything and everything as opposed to carring it to the dump. Whose to blame, they are, and we are as well, IMO, for not making a bigger issue of this. We have alot to own up to in this day and age, it's ridiculous that we have to pay to properly dispose of our waste. I linked the wiki, which coincidentally doesn't mention milk as a problem for the spread of dioxin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dioxin

Sweet cream dreams.


I still drink and eat full fat milk product, which I try to buy locally and organic, but we all should be aware of any toxic material we are ingesting. You can also get dioxin from your vegetables so wash them before you use them.

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east bay you're a total jackass hahahhaaa


yep,. sarcasm does not translate online

it took east bay a whole two seconds to find that shit?


it took me (0.07 seconds)


eastbay i can't believe you didn't go off on a rant about using soymilk for kids

it's very bad for them, and apparently not just the digestive system.

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I understood the sarcasm, I didn't say that was you did I? No. I made a point that it's not hard to backup stupid lame facts using the internet. Oxygen bars are lame by the way...


I also don't seem to care about soymilk as deeply as you. Sorry.


And lens I do forgive you, she was cute though. We should of took her to the bat caves. ;)


Lens: Regular milk or soymilk? Try to stay on topic fuckass.

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