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graf mag seeks content

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Graff art and stories wanted for upcoming magazine




Sup people,


Im the editor-in-chief of Graffiti Pimp Magazine and i'm looking for Aussie Writers/Artists who want to make a name for themselves in the culture and break into the mainstream teen markets.

We will pay $50 to the author/artist any content PUBLISHED but in addition if you nominate yourself as being feature article worthy and we agree to make you our feature Graf Pimp we will conduct an interview with you and try to arrange a suitable pictorial showcaseing you in the act.

We dislike authority and will never roll on any of you, believe that.

i've been down for the cause since i was 15 (im 22) and only wish to represent my fellow hoods and bring what we all know is the most dope form of modern art to the masses.

We want your stories (alias only- no real name please if ill) we want your art to showcase(as above)

WE ALSO WANT SEXY FEMALES interested in graf artists who would like to pose for centrefolds, pay $150 if selected no cost for photography just send us a amatuar sample pic showing ur wares if selected we will arange a photoshoot to suit your schedule.

Sketch art welcome, piece and throwups chromes etc welcome, no tags unless they're real good.


A position exists for a permanant artist to do a series of cartoons published in each magazine 1 episode per magazine forever, if this is you and you want to get in on the ground floor of a magazine thats going up and up send us sample work and we can discuss our options.

The prices for submissions i've outlined are subject to change (thats going up in price not down, chill) as the magazine takes off i will be sharing our profits with the graffiti community, sponsering freewalls and events and paying contributors more.

email cwhiting6@bigpond.com and i'll respond within 48hrs to all emails.

release date mid 2007. I can tell you the business end is tight, printers, distributers are also on board. there is a mostly blank magazine waiting for your personal touch.


Privacy Stuff


This information relates to The Privacy Act 1999 and Freedom of Press.

Any information collected will be for the purposes stated at time of collection, and for no other purpose without the prior consent of the subject of that information.

No information collected by the Graffiti Pimp Magazine has been or will be passed on to ANY OTHER PERSON, BUSINESS, OR AGENCY, WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE PERSON THE INFORMATION CONCERNS*. Under the Privacy Act there is finally some security in law for information kept by us, also the Freedom of Press has a long standing reputation of protecting sources in the media from prosecution based on records and forced testimony.



Graffiti Pimp Magazine has many obligations in relation to the protection of your privacy under various Federal Government Acts of Parliament, including the Telecommunications Act 1997, The Freedom of Information Act. For more information on our obligations with your personal particulars, visit the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s website at http://www.privacy.gov.au.


*As Journalists we also reserve the right to refuse to give information to ANY OTHER PERSON, BUSINESS, OR AGENCY that does not fall under terrorism and we claim this right to refuse access of information under FREEDOM OF PRESS.


As editor of this magazine and devout believer in unfettered artistic expression and civil rights I make this following statement: I have a family that needs me around but they’ll get by if I have to go to prison to protect their future Australian rights to free speech and freedom from persecution by an authoritarian regime. I WILL GO TO PRISON TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THIS NATION but I’ll go down fighting them all the way to hell.


Lach Whiting

CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Graffiti Pimp Magazine.


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"as the editor and chief of.............."





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ha ha, i guess he fell down and cut himself cause the mods gave him a BAN-daid



ah ha ha ha ha

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