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Gary Colman Stencils

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Yo Analme


Originally posted by Ginger Bread Man

hey pony your full of CACA


signed your pal


Mr. Anime


by the way where have you been

Yo what up you Jewish Mexican how's it hangin I've been around just haven't been in aohell for a while. But hit me off anyway. And btw Worship Gary
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Yeah well...While You Were Sleeping mag has a Gary Coleman sticker. It's bad ass. I'll post it up when I get home. Also I mad a stencil from the picture on the sticker and am wearing the shirt I made w/it lastnight. It'll be on here later today...


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Guest SomeNothing

"The artist, with the most usual things, must be able to create the most unusual objects"-DALI

Can't we be a little more creative than that..stuff like that is done

make your own..not this that's funny i'll cover my town with him shit..



Also....You can't give shepard and the posse a run for their money

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No Drama Please


Dude this is a joke don't go and spoil it by getting all serious ova it. I know Shepard and I have the utmost respect for Giant and all their ups. The fact of the matter is mah man has got mad ups and i'll probaby never keep up with him. I just wanna mix it up a bit with some different images. Giant has even given me his blessing so before you go and open your yap check yourself.

That comment about givin him and his "posse" a run for their money was in jest.



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Originally posted by BIG T

screw gary colman..... it's all about webster, now there was a little dude!


Ohh the beatings he got from Mr. Papadakis! Yeah who cares about Coleman...but not too many people recognize Webster. And uhh boys...Shepard Fairy does a lot of designs for WYWS.

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