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Should I bring something to protect me?

Blac Korp

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yo anytime i go out i bring my boy wit me smiff and wesson ..u noe ... i write all over my city and that takes me threw some hoods dat i shouldnt be really mixn wit so yes there are always haters on us u noe what i mean jelous ppl out there just doesnt really get the whole graff lifestyle like we do and time after time i do get tested but like they say never leave home with out it ////////////LOL

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this thread is pathetic... learn how to throw a fucking punch if need be. if u get held up with a gun or knife, then your kinda just shit outta luck.


son u probably from sum sweet ass burbs like shit, u should listen up n get some tips cuz or else u might not make it son

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I tag in a minority filled neigborhood that you can say it's kind of ghetto. You can see heaps of people in white tees and wife beaters at mid-night, all grouped together. I've read the Beginning Bible and Spray safe! threads but could find anything if bring a weapon is a good idea. I'm always cautious, I get so nervous that I literally sweat a pound every time I go out bombing with my friends. My friend has a bayonet, but he never brings it! He's afraid that it would make it worse if the popos caught him. My dad has a blackhawk .44 magum but I don't want to mess with it, besides it's heavy.

Anyways, should I bring like a butterfly knife with me or something? Do you bring something to protect you?


you're a fucking piece of white racist scum.

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Depends Were U Live Really. I live In New York City and My Boii Tre Got Stabbed Yestaday Bcuz Sum CockSuckas Gotta Go 20 to 1 bcuz dey handz aint official.


Also Just Cuz Dem Niggaz is Minorities Don't Mean Dey Ready To Do Nuffin. Fuck Sumtimes I Aint Got enuf Money to Eat a Lot More Dan One Meal And A Bag a Chips But dat Don't Mean Ima Fuckin Stab Ya Ass.


I'm Goin Off on a Fuckin Forum. Lolz

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Well I live up in the burbs so our version of dangerous is WAAAAYYYYY different. I have security going around my neighborhood when curfew passes, but me and my friends just fuc with them and run around the neighborhood lookin for em hahaha. They dont even do anything if they catch you. But I'd prolly do summa that metal gear solid stuff the guy on the first page was talking about. I'd prolly get some mace too, dont wanna get caught slippin by some shady people.


Hahaha why the hell do you want your homie to bring a bayonette?>


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how about you dont paint in drug heavy areas where bangers bang


heres the kicker










fuck you shouldnt even have to

i paint int St.Louis "the most dangerous city" or whatever horse shit they put out and the dudes out at night doin whatever dont give a fuck what im doing.



honest;y they dont care



and i highly doubt whatever doucher started this homo thread is from NYC or LA where it would matter.....

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