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Most fucked up injury due to bombing

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not me but my boy , got a spiral compound fracture , fell off a rooftop , broke his femur , hes been fucked up for like 6 monthes now just got off crutches but still has a titanium rod from his hip to his knee , the same cat also fell offa heaven and broke his t3 and t4 vertabrate was in wheel chair for like 2 monthes , ever since i know him hes been gettin hurt while bombin'

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got hurt jumpin off a roof off the eway ,pigs shined the spot light from a side street so i jumped off the roof and landed on my hand broke my wrist and got two pins put in going diagnol shit hurt but i got away and ill take a hospital visit before ill go to lock up anyday

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My Homie Bore HOD (RIP) was getting an interstate spot in Atlanta when the cops show up, he looks both ways and runs across the 10 lane highway to the oter side to escape, but lo and behold cops beat him there. He turns around and without looking crosses the highway again, this time theres cars. He gets hit by someone driving 80 mph and died for 3 minutes then cam back. Broke many bones and only kept bombing even harder. true fucking savage. The irony is that about 4-5 years after that he was hit by a car on a city road while painting, the car was only going 20 mph, and died. Died with a can in his hand.


P.S. I know you guys got some nasty pictures from accidents...lets see them.

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jumped this fence and thought it was the same floor level on the otherside but there was a hill there, so when i jumped down, i fell on my feet and fell back on my back and my assbone hurt like a bitch, anothertime due to the coldness and the paint comming out of the can due to a nice fat cap on a shitty can, my finger got hard as hell and had a dent where the cap was, shit looked nasty for the rest of the month, like a zombie finger!.and another time when i was carelessly walking sideways watching the cops drive around the area thinking they saw me, fell backward in a hole with my leg, arm, and half my body dangleing in a silo

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Never got hurt yet, but ive climbed up these electrical towers near some traintracks, climbed up these metal rafter thingies, and hopped off a roof, it was funny as soon as my feet touched the ground i was going full speed. All with a broken arm in a sling, i doubt id ever do crazy stuff like some people on here though.

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I have never been injured except I got attacked by a swarm of killer mosquitos once. but this story is the illest:


stolen from http://www.lay-lo.com


13. L-L: Have you ever been injured on the job?


QUEST: I was bombing the side of this MARTA tressel about 3 stories up and the train shook me off and I woke up in a pool of blood. I couldn't walk because I shattered my right leg. My face got smashed in, I broke my eye socket, jaw, nose, septum, cheek bone and I think I knocked a few screws loose. But yeah, I crawled the wrong direction for a few days slipping in and out of consciousness, drinking sewage water to stay alive, and experienced some like weird near-death hallucination seeing the light type of shit. Finally, I crawled to my car and looked in the rear view mirror as I put my shattered leg on the passenger seat and I realized a bunch of my teeth had been knocked out. I made it to my driveway at home where an ambulance was called. I'll never forget being in the worst pain imaginable, so bad my body would shut off, stop working, and that morphine shot they put in my arm was pure bliss! I asked them for another and they certainly gave it to me. DUMY and MENT would come visit me in the hospital. Not 1 day goes by where I don't think about it. I am very lucky to be alive.

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