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hahah, my first was a bit weird. my sisters homegirl from queens *she was 12* i was a year older at the time. anyways. we'd always go to the same ice cream joint on saturdays. i won some dough in school that day, so i sprung for everyone. somehow it magically made me her boyfriend. so when we went to the station to go home. *she was short* bitch kinda jumped up to give me a kiss...missed, and semi-kiss/fell on my eye and pushed me back. but when we stood upright again, she landed with succession...and she musta been a slut as far as back then. cuz she was the first to slip the tongue, i remember goin home and braggin to my older bro "hah! gimmie that 10$ nigga! and you damn right i got my first girl before you!"....then next day, my sis had a different friend, we grabbed pizza. similar story repeat...but it was the start of my ever on-going legacy of getting any/everything i could from a broad. true story.

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Arnt you a romantic mother fucka.


This is how my first kiss goes; It was a perfect day, blue skys and all that. I Walkin down the beach during sunset with my 1st proper gf. We stopped for some icecream and sat down to watch the sunset. We finished our icecreams and we just sat there in perfect silence watching the perfect sunset go towards the horizon. I leaned in 80% of the way. She moved the rest of the 20%. Then bang, my 1st kiss.


..and ofcourse, im lying

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oh god you faggots are gunna make fun of me:


i was 15, and that sack of shit won me over with graffiti"

we were at the back of some gay ass raver club and he took me to show me his piece. no not the wang but he just painted a piece earlier that day. he then hit up a "roxy" and i said fuckit and kissed that bastard. it was both our first kiss'. after that he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and he carried me to the parking lot and we left the end

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