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So i was sitting on the bus today and this kid came up to me. He wouldnt be more than 5 years of age. He started talking to me and asked my name, age, where i live and all that. Ofcourse i kept giving him the wrong details. And so he asked the question "Do you have a girlfriend?". I truthfully answered "no". He then kept on talking about this girl he had a fancy for. And out of nowhere he said "I kissed her on the lips today. My tounge went in her mouth. It was wet" (something along the lines of that). And so i laughed.


How was your first kiss?

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My first time was pretty cool, I was at a party with a few mates I was around 13-14 someshit, I remember we were all lokking at this girl and everyone was saying damn she's hot and out of the blue her friend came up to me and asked me if I want to be with her, I was shocked but like fuck yes went up with her grabbed her and got with her, I was grabbin her ass and shit at the same time, good days good days.

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My first kiss was with a black girl




i will admit it was the same thing with me


her name was laura and it was like 1st or 2nd grade


i remember i pulled that one scam i saw on the simpsons when lisa has a valentine and changes the name so it says ralph, well i changed on so it said laura, and she gave me a kiss on the lips


i starting scheming on bitches at an early age



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Guest spectr

you sick bastard i bet your jerking off to that 5 yr old kids first kiss right now.

i would have tossed the kid out the bus window for attempting to waste my time

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The first girl I kissed started "dating" this guy after me, and they are STILL together. Which would make that relationship...8 years long already? hahahahahahahahahahaha


anyways, she's a white chick who talks like her names Shaneequa.

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How was your first kiss?


This was my first mouth/lip/spit/tongue kiss, as seen on myspace..way back when I was just a freshmen in Highschool. I was totally caught off guard, it happend really fast..just all of a sudden; tongue massage..:D

Amazing how 8 or 9 years just goes right by..


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