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beardo's saturday night post 11-10-01

Guest beardo

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Guest Pilau Hands

Today I got up early, as I know try to do every Saturday. I need more time everyday, and since they won't give it to me, I have to invent my own by waking up earlier. I then proceeded to...


watch some cartoons with the little brother, clean house, do laundry, study physics, listen to some counting crows, organize drawings and ideas for an imaginary project (i like to keep busy even if it's only in my head), go through photos, and I am now listening to Sinatra and jazz in my toasty warm room with candles around me. ah la dolce vita.


lungamente vive la barba

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Indian food for the first time!? Wow, you've really been missing out! What about Ethiopian food? Have you had that? If not - I highly recommend it - it's good. YUM!


If you live near or ever visit the bay area, I will point you to the best Indian spots in the western hemisphere.

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went to go pick some girl up , on my way i see a car drivin by dodging cops , car rams into a parked jeep , cops catch up , cops see me , cops think im a suspect from the crashed car , taking in for questioning , they say oops ur the wrong guy , ...never got to pick up the girl

just another average day

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Guest imported_Tesseract

I spend the night with a real girl. My girl is perfect, however we didnt had the best time of our lifes, happens to the best of us.

The whole 'beauty hunting' thing got me thinking.

Me, seeking, and silo did a good job.

If you dont get it, you dont deserve it either

You gotta have faith in something.

It makes living tolerable.

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drove an hour to school, found out there wasnt class, drove back home, fucked around all day, went to sleep until 8pm, woke up, had some vodka, went to the comedy club, had some newcastle, whisky and a slow ass waitress, a few laughs throw in, came home, made grilled cheeses and had an in depth drunk conversation with my girlfriend...i have to begin my 40 hours of hell again tommorow, fuck me...at least my parents are visiting tonight

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went out to the yard with a girl i know, sat by the water and ate a bagel...later on went to a workshop at a music store where a legendary jazz drummer was telling people how the drums are played (kinda like if dondi rip were giving a workshop on how to grip the can and the most basic shit)....went to a jazz show downtown, got fed up with waiting in line for 40 minutes when that shit was suoppose to start at 10, and headed to another place where we got right in....

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my saturday consisted of an 8 man production some blunt passing.then i hit the hiway and some other spots went home smoked more kb blunts....go into the city and paint a roof top at 12:30am with a friend shimmmy onto roof do a throw a piece on the roof man yells call the police call the police me and friend running over roofs i jump down run through ally jump off fence into garbage can ouch see friend on roof he jumps we run like fuck goodnite.

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my saturday nite consisted of sitting here all day eating chips and soda all day . looking at graff all day . talking to people i dont even like on aim. and im wondering how the fuck they get my sn. you know my nite was great . i whish it was better by going out and gettting fresh air.

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Well, well well...........


Friday: I went to this local punk show.........Fucking amazing show, good crowd.....

Who played (like it matters),

Westview, Bumruckus, SimpleKill (NOT PUNK AND DAMN GOOD), FWIW


And i pimped it hardcore at that show..........damn i'm good. Not being shy and acting really crazy AND TALKING really works ya know.

Anyways, got too see alot of my friends, knew alot of people , got the crowd hype, i was hype, and alot of cute punk girls were digging me. Good night.



Went to the mall with my chick friend and had lunch and chilled,









i should start painting more tho.......

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