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Histrionic personality disorder

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

although "attention seeking disorders" may sound like some typical girly harmless behavior, it is not. attention seeking disorders are very hurtful to the familys and peoples they come into contact with. although i can never be sure without a proper diagnose... I would have to say my grandmother has a severe attention seeking disorder and my mom would fully agree. I wont get into detail as to why I think that,. Histrionic personality disorder, which sounds like it may be a mild verison of Munchausen Syndrome can be learned about here





but here is the behavior a attention seeker will usally follow through


The Attention-Seeker

Motivation: to be the centre of attention

Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissism

Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high

  • emotionally immature
  • selectively friendly - is sickly sweet to some people, rude and offhand to others, and ignores the rest
  • is cold and aggressive towards anyone who sees them for what they really are or exposes their strategies for gaining attention
  • overfriendly with their new target, especially in the initial stages of a new working relationship
  • overhelpful, ditto
  • overgenerous, ditto
  • manipulative of people's perceptions, but in an amateur and childish manner
  • manipulative with guilt, ditto
  • sycophantic, fawning, toadying
  • uses flattery to keep a person in authority on side
  • everything is a drama, usually a poor-me drama
  • prefers not to solve problems in own life so that they can be used and re-used for gaining sympathy and attention
  • capitalises on issues and uses them as a soapbox for gaining attention
  • exploits others' suffering and grief as a vehicle for gaining attention
  • misappropriates others' statements, eg anything which can be misconstrued as politically incorrect, for control and attention-seeking
  • excusitis, makes excuses for everything
  • shows a lot of indignation, especially when challenged
  • lots of self-pity
  • often as miserable as sin, apart from carefully constructed moments of charm when in the act of deceiving
  • demanding of others
  • easily provoked
  • feigns victimhood when held accountable, usually by bursting into tears or claiming they're the one being bullied and harassed
  • presents as a false victim when outwitted
  • may feign exclusion, isolation or persecution
  • malicious
  • constantly tries and will do almost anything to be in the spotlight
  • includes Munchausen Syndrome
  • the focus of their life is to be the centre of attention

  • being aware of your sorroundings is power :cool:

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This all sound alot like my ex girlfriend! When we split up she tried telling me I had mental issues, I'm guna print this shit off and post it to the bitch...

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Uhhh i thought it was gonna be about well known ppl throughout history who had personailty disorders.

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I thought it was going to be about people who believed they were living in the past, i.e. periods of history.

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its called "cooping"


its what we do when theres nothing going on


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