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the LOST appreciation thread!


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But, from a more "behind the scenes" note: the reason Ben's not in the church, and the reason no one is in the church but for Season 1 people is because they wrote the ending to the show after writing the pilot. And never changed it. The writers always said (and many didn't believe them) that they knew their ending from the very first episode. I applaud them for that. It's pretty fantastic. Originally Ben was supposed to have a 3 episode arc and be done. But he became a big part of the show. They could have easily changed their ending and put him in the church -- but instead they problem solved it. Gave him a BRILLIANT moment with Locke outside the church ... and then that was it. I loved that. For those that wonder -- the original ending started the moment Jack walked into the church and touches the casket to Jack closing his eyes as the other plane flies away. That was always JJ's ending. And they kept it.










i think this is great.


its finally over, wow!








































so, moving on....what else is good these days?


(lost was only a tv show, thats all....)

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It was said in the show everyone there died at one time or another there's no time table between when whoever died n had they're awakening. So Desmond prob. Diednon th island n penny died some how...I def tears up, there was some great drama inbthat show, seeing Sawyer n juilett come reunite was a tear jerker, or hurley n libby!!! Yesssss! No walt tho, that was the one thing I knew they wouldn't touch...bastards...

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The ending was whack, lazy, and reminded me a little too much of the 6th sense and about a dozen other movies. Im just glad i wasnt one of the poor fucks who was watching this show for the last 6 years, and had it all end in this steaming load. I probably would have shot a bunch of people.

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So I got this junk mail:


June 07, 2010


Dear Andrew:


So, in the end, LOST turned out to be a helluva long job interview. For those who didn't spend the last six years alternately fascinated and frustrated by the series, I'll translate it into corporate language:


Like many good leaders, Jacob, knowing his tenure was coming to a close, had a succession plan. Well in advance of retirement, he started filling his talent pipeline and selected his top potential replacements. Due to the "unavailability" of some of his recruits at the last stages of the interview, very few candidates made it to the final slate.


The position came with tremendous responsibility and Jacob elected the candidates undergo an arduous series of situational interviews to assess their skills and qualifications. Plane crashes, death, destruction, explosions, polar bears, time travel, electromagnetism, good Locke/bad Locke, and a smoke monster — all to determine who was most qualified for the role of island caretaker.


An interview is an opportunity for candidates to evaluate if the role is a good fit for them too, and of those remaining — Jack, Hurley and Sawyer — two seem less certain they want the position. So Jack selects himself as Jacob's replacement, and when he inquires about the length of his employment contract, Jacob tells Jack he must do the job as long as he can.


Instead of a handshake, Jack drinks from Jacob's cup, and immediately begins onboarding into his new role by accompanying the evil John Locke on a business trip into a cave. But Jack is among the 12 percent that ExecuNet-surveyed recruiters report don't complete their first year in a new job and during a hostile takeover, he learns this role was only for a turnaround specialist on an interim assignment.


Before his exit interview, Jack expediently manages the institutional knowledge transfer to Hurley, who, with his servant leadership qualities, turns out is better suited for the longer term role.


The end.




Robyn Greenspan





295 Westport Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06851


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if it's true that from the pilot the writers had an ending done, then you've had to put up with 6 years of padding the storyline with more and more ridiculous plot twists.




they had the final shot planned (jack closing his eye and dieing).

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i've been letting the ending sink in. actually, i like it. the show was always about the characters and their story lines got resolved. "Everyone dies sometime." ...yup.


We're on the same boat, gooch. I really did not know what to think at first. It took a few days, some reflection, and some discussion for it to sink it. Great fucking show, and a beautifully crafted ending.

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