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the LOST appreciation thread!

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People guessed this ending years ago and the producers categorically denied it was the way it would end.

I know, I know...why would they give away the ending...blah blah...

But come on...if you know people are onto you, and you had a few years to develop a new ending, wouldn't you switch it up?

It just feels like they did the easiest possible ending and tied up no loose ends.







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No. They were only dead in the parallel universe.

What part of this don't people get?

The island was still REAL in every way.


Still not a fan of all the christian themed bullshit.


so then.....they died after the atomic blast? if the answer is yes....then what about desmond and penny. they werent even on the island when that blast happened? yet they were there at the end.


also...do you guys think when they showed the moments the characters in the parallel universe witnessed and acknowledged the flashes of their lives on the island, that it was the very moment that they let go and accepted that they were dead?


and yes...the christian undertones get the gas face for sure.

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