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the LOST appreciation thread!


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Wow. I was pretty disappointed by this episode, until the last ten minutes.



That shit is crazy.



i was more disappointed with the whole jacob thing. i really thought that they were going to pull some ben is a nut type shit.


did anyone else catch this glimpse of jacob in the chair right when ben flew into the wall:



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2 more episodes for this season, both jack centric. the season finale is going to be 2 hours.


yeah, i was thinking the same thing about richard alpert.



i guess just the last episode is about jack.


i read a big spoiler and i think i ruined shit for myself.


if it's true.....CRAZY!


i will say no more.

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i heard they're scheduled for another 3 seasons, but that can be complete bullshit..so..


I don't think the show is going to end next week... but something is supposed to happen that radically changes things. I think some sort of rescue crew is going to arrive on the island, for better or worse.

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Okay so I am happily having a snack and watching the last episode...which is then interrupted by American Idol. I haven't watched this show even for like, five minutes for years, so I thought It'd be okay to leave on in the background.


What the FUCK???!! Biggest retard circus I have ever seen.

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