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here's a tip. don't eath their food. all english food is =beans on toast. or some random piece of beef/pork boiled and served with mushy vegetables....find the nearest mcdonalds and make friends quik.


haha last time I checked its not 1947.


I read somewhere that theres over 300 languages spoken in London. You can get practically any kind of food you can think of if you look for it. Its like New York in that respect. Its definitely not about flying all the way here just to eat the 'food' they flog in McDonalds.

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Guest R@ndomH3ro
why is everyone talking about mc donalds?


fuck a mc donalds.


theres a bit of advice in that eurotrip thread i think



To go to any Europian country and eat at McDonalds is a waste of a trip and you should be ashamed.



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McDonalds is universally shit.


Eat "pub-grub" like Steak & Ale Pies~ Shawarma and kebabs from the Arabic spots~

Personal Brick Oven Pizzas from the various chains and independent shoppes are good bets~

and I'd sya Vietnamese and choice Chinese food is usually a fair bet..

Also check out for Indian Buffets, they're see-ree-usss


Buy the Time Out guide to London or the Time Out "Cheap Eats: London" book, it's like the best 15$ you can spend~

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One thing to keep in mind is that virtually everyone in London dresses nicely. I often found myself feeling like I stuck out not because I was foreign, but because I looked kind of bummy-- despite the fact that I would be wearing outfits that seemed perfectly fine at home. I would reccomend bringing nice shoes and button- up shirts, not-too-baggy pants, etc. It just makes it easier to fit in with the locals and gain favor.


The Tate Modern is a pretty awesome museum, definitely worth a visit.


Don't accept offers to buy weed or hash from anyone who offers, especially around Leicester square. If you really want to get some while you're there, ask a young bartender if they can help.


Oh, and definitely ride in the front seat on the top of a double decker bus. Preferably drunk. That's all I can think of for now.

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How the hell do you score a last minute free overseas ticket? Details please.


These people i know are going (they work for air canada = free flights for friends or family)

and they had an extra spot so they asked if i wanted to go. But theyre going to be off taking care of business for 2 weeks so ill be wandering around solo.


if i can convince some myspace girls to let me sleep on their couch.. or in their mommys beds.

it will be neat.


good information so far keep it coming!

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