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Hawaii thread

someone give me a place to live and a job out in here.. i would love to bomb this place.. who is hooking me up.. only cash i have on hand is 200 dollars and i can get the place ticket.. so someone reach out..



someone give me a place to live out in sydney and a job.. i am an american artist from nyc



anyone in australia have room for an american to come live with them for a while.. this way i can bomb and visit australia?



anyone have a place for a new yorker to stay while he tours and bombs your homeland.. i want to rock so many fills out there.. so who got the place i am going to be crashing at..



who got a place for me to stay.. i want to bomb boston.. someone give me a place to crash all afternoon...


looking for place to stay while i bomb boston this summer.. anyone have room for a fellow bomber?



^^^There are others like these in various threads including Ireland, Rhode Island, Florida, several California cities, etc... but the real comedy is in the NYC thread...


anyone want to bomb the N line during the day with me.. i am bored and off of work... i have 4 bum worker jackets and more then enough paint..



who is bombing tonight? anyone? huh huh huh? i would love to catch a few straight letters tonight..



so whats up with trading some paint.. i will trade 1 whole can of krylon watermelon for 20 thin caps..



someone come pick me up.. i want to bust a fillin somewhere.. i cant sleep..



anyone want to hitch hike and bomb the whole entire united states? 50 states in one summer? or you can drive and pay for gas i just want to come along...



I have 2 cases of paint for fillins.. anyone have a few cans of black and some caps.. lets do this.. come scoop me up and lets GO..



i just took a cab round trip.. made the dude wait for me ran out busted a fillin jumped back in and came home.. i will post pics of it tom.. i used stock caps so it was ehh..



i have 2 cases of my fillin color just had no time to grab black.. so who is hooking me up with a can of black paint?



Last few pics were pretty cool.. on a side note - who is going to give me some caps.. i have paint just dont have caps.. someone contribute to me coming out...



I have not wrote in ages and been begging to go out and bomb.. i was not to serious into graf i just loved the chase.. by 14-16 i was already hanging with alot of well known writers after 16 i was all about money and just never looked back.. so i was hoping since this place is active i would bump into some guys i knew way back in the day.. i started writing in 1991 until about 1995.. lately graf has sucked in my opinion so i figured since i am some what decent and feening to bomb why not just go for a comeback tour..



mero give me your address, i am going to come stop by.. Ahhhight B



For some reason, this dude just has me cracking up.

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Yeah, maybe I'll give him a break and drop off some UFB and a bag of caps... even let him keep his can of watermelon...


You should offer to let him stay with you in Boston!

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Yeah man, this kid was poppin up everywhere. He caught the ban today, maybe he'll be back

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I probably would have banned him myself if I was able to, but at the same time I'm almost disappointed. It was kind of hilarious how retarded dude was.

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