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Stompdown Graff Video By The Labelizer


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  • 1 year later...

wait a minute. to everyone up on here dissing these cats, think the fuck twice.






or any of the other 30 plus videos, on the right side within youtube. the entire SDK crew puts in work, long side Ephin appearal. this video, is promoting a store, that promotes writers in B.C. some concept, eh?


dont know these cats from 'next', but know enough that they hold down the cold north and represent what they do for sure.


much respect SDK & Ephin..

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I have been waitin for the stompdown thread... fucking keep six burns most the bitches on here for sure... if you don't believe me go to youtube and check out all their vids


I can't believe mother fuckers are so quit to hate on this thread

do your research before you open your mouth

pretty sure keepsix is now in seventh letter too and you know how they let all those toys in pssshhhh


but I know how all you bitches are going to hate on 7th letter cause they do commercial shit and everyone on here is hung up on the fact they are making bread and you are all broke asses


and shit doug definitely has the fucking simples and straights on lock


SDK glad you finally put shit up here can't wait til this thread is like 20 pages long

would love to see some pics

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