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Thread of how to's.

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First of I am new to the forums. I have been reading them for a couple months but just barely registerd.


Here is a thread already made-- Beggining Bible for Graffiti writers.



.:How To:.

All this thread is or all I am trying to make it is a bunch of tutorials. Like the blackbook techniques thread. Every time I come into The Yard section there is atleast 1 thread of something like- How do I do flares or how do I bomb. These questions are easy and all those questions are going to be answered in this thread(I hope.) well enough with this shit lets start with the basic shit.


1. Legal and Illegal

Honestly to me it does not matter. It's same with people who only hit up their books, whatever its still style. If you are going to rack your paint there is plenty of "help" in here. I don't know much because I have not racked cans. I stuff markers or whatever in my pockets all the time but I don't rack cans.Now on the Legal side If you are hitting canvas, legal wall, backyard, your garage whatever then you don't have to worry about hiding from the pigs etc.


.:how to get away even when you get caught.:.

2. Painting

Krylon, Rusto, Montana, Belton, Cheap paint. Those are the options I know of. Cheap Paint is also reffered to as walmart paint. I love walmart chrome, it's better than rusto's chrome and costs 99 c ! I have used belton and it is NICE, but it is like $5.00 and can not including shipping.


Big discussion here on what is the best etc. This is what I know.

Pinks- Fattest

Grey's- Thinnest

Ny Fats- Fat/thin good for flaring.

Stocks- shitty for me but kings can use whatever lol.


.: Actually Painting :.

Every can of paint and every different cap is different one can may have mor pressure that another a cap may be half clogged, whatever. Now when you first start painting (I am talking about peices.) Try and get one straight full line. STRAIGHT--------------- and "full" means it does not go small to big to small or whatever. Keep the cap about 3 inches away from the wall (stock cap.) and leave it at 3 NOT 3in.-2 in.-4 in.-3in.

do squares, triangles, circles, blobs whatever the fuck you want.

Do a square in white and try outlining it in black.

There was a good thread on here labeled painting clean but I could'nt find it.


.: Making it nice / STYLE :.

Go to www.google.com


this will help you out if you are a begginer.


What colors look good with eachother or what brings good contrast to eachother.


The infamous 3-D. Making something look "real."


Copy them and don't try to make them look cool, you know how people say to try and draw the keyboard letters, do it. SIMPLE is the best way to start off.


After this you can do a straight keyboard font peice with 3-d and atleast one good color scheme.


- Hope this first post helped. I will make another tomorrow or mabe later tonight I don't know.

-Feel free to post more advice just try to keep the shit talking to a low.

-sorry for no flics. but I am in the process of getting a camera (yayaaa.)

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Noble effort but we already have stickies for tutorials thanks.

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ok LENS, I was gonna add more tonight but it's all good. Was the thread made by OLD GROWTH deleted anyways? he said he was going to make another part to it but must not have got around to it, it's all good. Peace

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lol whatever I'm bored and I don't wanna go around post whoring so I'll just add a bit more before it's deleted lol.



This is for the handstyles and I'll write a little about throw-ups.

- All tags should have flow.

- Flow- It should look nice not all jumbled. look at zephyr's tag for example this is very "unified."




In my opinion it flows very nice. These handstyles are the kinds I like, some artists like the whole random assortment of letters all over but thats not me baby. The "cursive one line" tag he is writing is also quicker because he does not need to lift up the marker its one straight line. This is a marker tag though, Spray Can tags are a whole new world.


With the can you still need form and flow but you can also do whateva your heart desires :lol:

If you can have a tag as clean as a marker tag thats very good can control but even he expensive euro paint can leave fuzzy's on the side. Here is the list of tags I know of with a can


-Straight up tag.


-Under Flare.(where it flares out @ the bottom like the 70's jeans.)



I'll do more in the morning if it's not deleted yet :D

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it's nice you want to start your own thread and all.

but the whole point of stickied threads is so we can have the shit all in one place and the popular topics available readily.


take this shit into one of those threads as appropriate, we don't need to spread those threads even thinner by discussing the topic in more than one place.


and we do have a search function, and one that allows you to look back through the pages of old threads.


go look for it, don't ask 'what happened to such and such thread?????'

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