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west coast trainzzz.

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haha, i've just been around the railroad for a long time. it's good to know what you're painting and it where it may end up...golden wests (the old VCY GVSR's) used to be predominantly west coast. when a few years ago the leases with galveston railroad (gvsr) and ventura county rr (vcy) went up, UP took back the cars ending the ten year reign and began sending golden wests all over (galveston and ventura were west coast shippers). thats why you see alot of golden wests restamped to SP SSW DRGW for example, those are all old reporting marks owned by the rio grand (drgw) and southern pacific (sp ssw) now owned by Union Pacific. UP couldnt restamp all the cars with UP #'s so they brought back all the old reporting marks. similar to the Pan Am situation, but not quite. anyway, my point is that times are changing and if you know what you're painting, you wont end up being just the king of your coast, but possibly a king of the nation. good luck.

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heres an ssw restamp of a golden west...


here's an SP restamp of a golden west...


here's an old GVSR still running...


just an amazing picture by me of a golden west thats seen better days...


here's another classic gvsr holdover...from the mid nighties


heres a VCY holdover...


and heres a restamped GVSR, so, they're still out there...enjoy while you can...they will be gone...


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sure was one...that one got buffed pretty bad. theres quite a few relics on those things, it's sad to see some of em go. they've been pretty nice on the buff considering, but ive seen a few of my more recent pieces rolling around that got it pretty bad...i've noticed that recently a few companies, particularly BNSF, have been real harsh. no matter how well you work around the numbers, if you leave them any question, you're getting hit with a buff box!

here's an example of a bad restamp of a golden west...


may he RIP

and here's a more gentle buff...


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that used to be true, but with graf more commonplace these days, it's not such a big deal. the numbers and other railroad information is all they're concerned about. when it was short line railroads yeah, it got buffed, but not so much these days. BNSF has been the most consistent with repainting when leases expire, but companies have turned to leasing a number of cars instead of a set to improve turnaround time and to keep up with other forms of transportation, so the current day leases are much different than in the past.

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