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youre confused Glen, this is a discussion thread.


"robem is dope... does not belong here."



You didnt discuss shit, you posted out of anger cuz he's either your boy, or YOU. If not you'd stop callin everyone haters and realize the obvious, then come to grips with the fact youre cool with people chompin other people. Or youre the one chompin.


stop the hater talk, this is a mature thread discussing problems in the scene. If you dont like it, dont come here, or dont bite and you wont hear thru the grape vine people are laughin at you for chompity chomp chompin.

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you seem agitated.














































I never even heard of the guy in question, fuck do I care about "hating" on him?




truth. Thats whats wrong with you newby's you cant tell the difference.

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you guys are the best! forget I said anything, biting is COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL< rippin off Vizie and POSE is the new black!




Keep it up guys you'll get respect from everyonnnnneeeee soonnnnnnnnn trustt meeeeeeeee




























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.....these needs to go back to before Pose and Vizie where all those techniques and styles came from.

Gotta give props to those writers first.


I Agree with that 100%. Are you tryin to tell me Pose doesn't "reference" comic's for his paintings>?? I think he does and we don't call it "Rippin Off" when he does it. I think we all bite. Plain and simple.. See Pose is really good at adding his Own graffiti look to whatever it is that he's referencing... it's all about how you pull it off.. without someone saying "ohh Ive already seen that" Im sure robem wanted a pose/vizie look.. WHO WOULDN'T!! Robem Burns Kids in texas! So if you wana call him out leave a name.. One more thing, Pose painted a piece at paint lewis many years ago next to my boy vogey,, and i always thought pose was one of my favorite's after seeing it. In fact Thanks to Pose for the motivation to paint dope shit in that time period! And thats coming from a young mans perspective.. And thanks i guess to everyone for not posting my "Boom-a-rangs" and "Blue energy's clouds" that I replicated after seeing him do that.. LOL calling me out on being a Pose biter.. Everyone's Got their influences man.. If you wana act like you never had influences.. then your the type of graffiti writer that lives in denial and only post's on the internet.. Dont Feel what i have to say.. then fuck you. PivotOne aka Kofins BTR DCK CREATURES

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Writers have been using comic references since the 70's with Cheech and so on. Some things are tradition. Its sad that that actually has to be explained to you, you must not understand this graffititi thing too well yet so I will continue.


A writer is supposed to go through developement in his own style over a period of years, finding out through trial and error whether something works or not, taking risks and not playing it safe. This is what builds a persons style in the scene as "so and so's style". When a person does something we all know already( like a crome technique, or a 6 finger fatcaps highlight on a letter), but is known for doing it in HIS way, over a period of time we ( the scene ) come to notice the persons "tid bits" as their own. What happens is this writer comes to realize from people jockin, and mad niggaz hoppin on the dick that this and that is a successful formula.


Then comes the biting.


A flock of newby's who sit around waiting to see whats kewl this week, and then doing it on Saturday at your local legal wall, BAM, instant gratification late Sunday when posting in the "Burners with Style" thread.


But what just happened ( in this example ) is that Pose has just spent the last few years mastering his own style, influenced from wherever, taking things from all over the scene like crome, bricks, comic faces, motion blurs, long horizontal 3d striping...... Things we've all seen or done for over 30 plus years, but POSE does it HIS WAY and some guy who I just found out was from Texas rips off instantaniously and ends up in the Biters thread.


Now everyone is upset and his "boys" are flocking to the rescue, and yelling the "leave a name" cliche' E response.


After all this bitchin, I bet the next piece he doesn will look as far away from a Pose or Vizie piece as you could possibly get.



Maybe not. But I would hope so..................





This is what this thread is about, discussing the biting, cuz alot of you seem to not understand it, and there's TONS of it goin on weekly here. If you want I will probably spend much more time on this subject by example to further explain to you newbys the do's and dont's of influences and style biting.



None of this stuff is personal to anyone, but if youre a biter, of course your gonna be pissed rifling the word hater in every direction as a defense mechanism. More effort should be spent sitting at home drawing original letters instead of defending the bruised ego.



And here's some big text so you can all read it easy like, like them grade school books.

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And thanks i guess to everyone for not posting my "Boom-a-rangs" and "Blue energy's clouds" that I replicated after seeing him do that..[/color] LOL calling me out on being a Pose biter.. Everyone's Got their influences man.. If you wana act like you never had influences.. then your the type of graffiti writer that lives in denial and only post's on the internet.. Dont Feel what i have to say.. then fuck you. PivotOne aka Kofins BTR DCK CREATURES CREW*



Look man, you just told everyone in the biter thread that youre a biter. I didnt say it, you did so no need to be tossin "fuck yous" around. Everyone has influences, not everyone CHOMPS. You can use influences to try to raise your quality level and ability to a bar set by another writer. That doesn;t mean going home and "replicating "boomarangs and whatever blue clouds" youre talkin about. You just defended biting, by doing it????????????????????? okay?




in·flu·ence (nfl-ns)


1. A power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort:

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I appreciate you commenting, cux these topics are important. But you leaving a name doesnt make a difference. This isn't a tough guy contest where we all meet up and see who blinks first. These are ideals that where passed down from generations of writers in New york City. Biting was never accepted, people got beat down and where ashamed to get called out. and you would be barred from a crew if you bit someone else, and no one else would wanna be known to roll with you.



And to be honest man, I dont know you or your crew so nothing I said is personal to what they do or have accomplished. This is strictly lettering and biting Im talkin about. Biting can happen anywhere, legal walls or illegal walls, its the writer that does it, not the spot. But for the record I would think anyone who risks their freedom to paint illegally takes this stuff serious enough to be doing their own style. Thats wh y I said "at the legal wall" because usually people who bite are people who dont have that much invested in the long term of this culture, they wanna get in, rip off some commercially recognized writers, get the pat on the back from their normal uneducated friends in their regular life and get out.

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Look fellah im not ashamed or afraid to leave my name on anything.. im not into tuff guy wrestling or internet beef and bullshit like that,, but i will fight over graffiti and/or my friends.. I have in the past and Im sure I will in the future. Robem. Thats one of my friends. Ive been out to NYC and I know whats what these days. I have family out there that write.. Blade, Scene, Dondi, all that style wars era is what we all grew up off of. so dont try and use it against anyone. You going out of your way now to call me out..?

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yea i did admit i bite on the biters thread.. but i also left my name. and that was over 9/10 years ago.. i use comics as reference's all the time.. but im also making a strong attempt to add my own touch's to add my own look to anything I use.. unless your pose.. i dont wana hear it.. and for the record.. our crew BTR paints legal wall quality on trains in HOT spots.. if you think not your blind,, nuff said*

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sedimate, youre all over the place, stay on topic. I still never heard of you, so stop playing the victim routine. I dont know you, so how is anything I say "calling you out" ? Im still not even sure what the POSE biter back there even writes, it's info that I care not to even bother with.




This aint about you, so keep it movin. Youre the one with your undees in a bunch.



Say "hater" one more time for me before you leave. Or at least make a coherent debate. As it stands this is still the BITER thread. Youre in here covering your ass, admitting to being a biter. Again, this aint about you. LOL

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