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I want that track off of the WAR3 video, its a Pat benetar "love is a battlefield" remix by fort minor or styles of beyond I think. I cannot find that shit anywhere. I searched the internet for over an hour. Haven't tried in about 8 months or so though. Anyone know?


the styles of beyond website got that shit, can download it for free, they got some other pretty tight cheapshot mixes on there too

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man soulja boy ant even hiphop thats some hip pop bull shit fast food music fuck radio rap shit nothing is real hiphop anymore on the radio since the 90's. if you want some dope graff songs check out the LOOP TROOPS they are from sweaden and shape shifters they are guys from cbs crew and they do music too.

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LOOP TROOP is dope, BUT also hear these guys, LOOT PACK ,strait graff writer mc's ts hard to find know adays but look for AMBUSH IN THE NIGHT by lootpack, personal faverite!


uhh did you mean looptroop when you said lootpack i listen to looptroop to ive been listening to them for atleast five onths now i cant get threw the day without listening to them im listewning to them right now

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some of these songs have already been posted, but these are the tracklistings for some straight good mixes put together by idiot proof.


Typical Cats - The Manhattan Project

Fort Minor - Spray Paint & Ink Pens ft. Lupe Fiasco & Ghostface Killah

KRS-One - Out For Fame

Company Flow - Lune TNS

Swarmy - Trains Mission

Looptroop - Ambush in the Night

Warlocks - Strictly Kings & Better

Blade & The Bazay Jam Band - Blades Theme (Jigsaw Jeff remix of Pacman)

Mr.Lif - Wanted

Task Force - Still Bombing

Dilated Peoples - Night Life

Ex Vandalz - Industry Standard ft. Perk One, Rakaa Iriscience & 2Mex

Bias B - Hursty

Promoe - Freedom Fighters ft. Cos.M.I.C

Tame One - Homage 2 Da Bomberz

El-P - Bombing Pt. 2



Arsonists - Underground Vandal

Looptroop - Adrenalin Rush

Raydar Ellis - Graffiti Rock

The Shapeshifters - Vandal Squad ft. Met Fly, Existereo

Bukue One - 4 Tha Graff Hedz

Kero One - The Cycle Repeats

The Narcissists - Graffwriters

Company Flow - End To End Burners

Tommy Tee - Aerosoul

Promoe - These Walls Don’t Lie

Souls of Mischief - Stealth Bombing

Longevity - Burners ft. Abstract Rude & St. Mark

Talib Kweli & Rakim – Subway Surfers aka Getting Up Anthem

Full Throttle - It's An Honour

DJ Vadim - 4 My Writers ft. Juice

Blade & The Bazay Jam Band – Getting’ It On 82 (Peril remix of 'Soda Pop')

Bucc - Style Wars



im still waiting for the third one.

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