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Blackbook Techniques.


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if you cant rack them at an artstore go for the sure thing never ever get busted route...MICHAEL's, AC MOORE or any large Craft store that has an art section, they most definitely always have prismas and they're all over the country, plus they never have real cameras and its usually old women who work there.

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One trick with blending with both Sharpies and Prismas is to use your darker colors first and fill your next color over everything you're trying to blend into.


When I do that, I get smooth-ass fades.


Using grey and just a plain old pencil to shade under areas gives you fades and different shades too.


And everyone talks about markers.


Prisma colored pencils are made so the shade of pencil should blend perfectly with the marker. USE BOTH.


Fuck that... use EVERYTHING.


There is no one brand of markers or pencils or whatever. I've seen straight up burner blackbook jammies from cats using Rosearts.


PRACTICE YOUR SHIT, DRAW ALL THE TIME and fuck with whatever you can. You never know what will work until you use it.



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All this COPIC TRIA Talk is annoying...none of this is really Black Book techniques at the end of the day....none of these markers make you better...they just make the quality of you work better


i looked in this hread hpoing to see complex tutorials on blending / shadows / highlghts etc.


i guess i was wrong :(

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Put your drying up marker in a sockwith the end of the marker that you want to use facing the very bottom of the sock. twirl that sonovabitch around for a few and that forces what remaining ink the marker still has right to the tip..your good for a little bit. It won't completely revive it, but most likely enough to finish what you may have started if you get yourself into a tight spot.

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Blackbook Technician.


using this pic as an example could someone recomend changes or better techniques??please?!?!



peace, da oldtimer here, i'm feelin this thread...


zector1...start with basics(str8 block letters.practice.then bitch it up a lil somethin with sexy curves.practice.then thin the letters down for mildstyle.practice.then work urself up to da WILDSTYLE.practice.this shit ain't easy if u don't put the time in.practice. right now ur letter structure is all over the place.if u wanna do ghetto hieroglyphics!.u gotta unearth the vaults and the internet is ur vault, study and immulate and then try and do better than the next even if its ur nigga.


heres my bible/koran/torah basics...


old school designers if u can find them, best colorless blender, not this new fangle doublesided wackshits.


chartpak AD markers, next best colorless blender, now on the subject of this, i wouldn't used a cblend to transition between 2,3 or 4 colors, just lay the alcohols on top of each other and the pigments will blend as the alcohol dissolves but doing it this way u have to move quickly to get that smoove transition between black and say orange. now what i do use the cblend for is color fade into page..run a hairdryer over the page to fast dry the colors and use the same 2,3 or 4 colors again to create a second layer of color ina darker shade...another thing AD markers are extremely wet so less is more...


color pencils...use 'em, great 4 tonal fx's...


those lil paint pen jammies and whatnot for that 3d Fx layer of color on top of color, b warned of mixing the waxy color pencils with the paint pens/milky shits, plan ahead!


outlines: anything really that doesn't bleed, hairdryer it! also, drying the waterbased outliners lessons the chance that u'll smear that freshly outlined burner when u erase the pencil lines. another lil trick i use is to draw the burner thumbnail on a small piece of paper, scan it in, resize it to the perfect page size in photoshop, drop a piece of tracing paper into my printer, print, graphite the back of the tracing paper, lay my sketch in what ever way, tape to hold the tracing paper, burnish the outline, remove tracing paper, perfect sized sketch and no erasing, now this may seem anal but when ur going up against THEMO.tm7 or YES.tm7 or any blackbook king u better be able to bring it...


airbrush: automated spraycan, with some clever maskin and/or handcontrol this tool really makes ur work pop...if ur noo 2 dis, be patient but it's a bitch...make sure to strain ur colors for smoother spraying, use a stocking!


well thats all i could think of while sitting on toilet enjoying some trees, i hope for the newbies this is helpful, for the rookies this is enlighting, for the intermediate this'll help ya to the next level, for the experts, knowledge is king!!!



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Hey Zector... there's a few threads you haven't posted to with your sketches yet.


Get on the ball, man.


Maybe you might get a different answer from "GO SIMPLE" in one of the threads you HAVEN'T posted in yet.


Who knows?


You won't know for sure until you've hit every thread in Paper Chase.


But why stop there? You KNOW they might have some info in Brick Slayers too.


Go for it.

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ok hopefully this is a little simpler...








make everythings width consistent, mening, same measurement in width.



Now, do not take a ruler and measure each and every single line. An expererienced writer can make all the lines consistent to a subconsious level, its like second nature for them. What you need to do, is practice with block letters, and compare each segment of the letter/extention your trying to make.


Anyways, thats as much as I will give, please go to the Toy thread(Respectfully) and ask for advice there.




















































I meant for this thread as a means of what kind of medium the writer used, or how he did so, and what other methods he/she used to create the sketch, and how it was made a certain way.


examples will come soon, but please, i think we've had enough with the sort of tools.


Prismas, Prisma pencils, Bic Pens, #2 pencils, sharpie permanent markers, Gel pens, india ink, ink splotches, dirt, blood, watercolor, etc.


I've think someone had better elaborate on how they create with a crazy effect.


I'll post mines in a week or two with examples.


Thank you, and peace.

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