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Soup BDC

Oh' Photobucket.

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Diggin through the old photobucket.



I think i should make this my sig. Cantonese=Soup.







Some girls at this highschool in some town near Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. They let me sit in on their dance class. Cuban's rock it.



Univeristy of Havana



I miss my car.



I should be a photographer.





Yes, it's sideways, but note the dog.








Psychology of colors. Hahaha.











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all this talk about Cuba... you like or comprehend music at all? I dig Cuban music...

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All I know is what i learned from a history of music night course back in highschool. I used to know what time signatures came from what era but now i just have a vauge remberance of ragtime, blues, minstrel shows, jazz, chicago electric jazz, kentucky jazz, acid jazz...


Afro cuban's what american music would sound like if the white (american) man wasn't afraid of the drum and prohibited slaves from using them. Cubans didnt care hence afro cuban.


That highschool there had a huge number of students in the dance and music programs. There was a fullsized classroom being used just to store the instruments.

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Yeah sorry about bringing cuba up a few times in the last couple threads. I'm a little nostalgic.


-Racing around havana in an 80's fiat, bare interior with no upholstery, and a suspension like a tractor.


-Driving this german tourist's Suzuki Vitara rental backwards through Santiago De Cuba on a rum run at 4 am, with her uncle hammered riding shotgun. It was my first time driving stick and when we got back he leaned over and looked at me, and with the most cliche broken english said "You good driver"


-Home cooked meals at illegal restaunts inside people's homes; with lookouts posted in the front of the appartment for police.


-Factory workers sticking their necks out hoping to find someone who will buy cigars they stole from work, risking 25 years in prision. A box of cohiba robustos will run you $135 at the factory in Havana, yet through a factory worker, $35.


-Price of a mojito $1, bottle 2 year cuban rum $2, 7 year rum $5.


-Clubs in caves, european tourists salsa dancing to 50 cent.


Fun times, mang.

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clubs in caves... that's what I'm talking about!


How long do we have to treat Cuba as a stepchild?


CUBA LIBRE! Fuck Bush!


btw, I drink Cuba Libre's instead of Mojitos but damn...

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Im a highschool student who is doing a project for school and if any one has any pics(Mostly of what you think is interesting) just post. If any one has pics of bands playing those would be great.

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