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East Bay shits, Ch 0 steez.

Soup BDC

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Guest nutsonmychin!

anyone remember Michael's Vegan 24hr diner? Place was bomb and it was run by a cult and everyone had a shaved head. women and children. but you could get a mean vegan fried chicken at 3am

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I used to go to the Gilman all the time in highschool. Anyone been there recently? They had a coffee-table book published all about the place a few years ago.


Sushi Rika's got some seriously dank sushi. Bush and Taylor?



If you're looking for buffet, there's a cheaper joint with chinese food too called Akita's in Walnut Creek.


-Fudruckers is my shit too. 1/2 pound Ostrich burgers. Emeryville, Concord, Walnut Creek...


-Fentons? Noone's said fentons yet? Bitches looove fentons. Get a crab sandwich if you're not looking for ice cream.

when was the last time you went to fentons? it burned down and when they rebuilt it it was kinds worse. its still pretty good just not as good as before. akita is the best cheap sushi place, but the variety and quality at todai is good so they're both just as good depending on if you want quality or quantity, i was a todai one time and the chef made me the guniea pig for his latest creation, it was pretty cool, jalapeno, tuna, fish eggs, teriyaki sauce, plus a bunch of other stuff, and the volcano rolls are the shit!!!!

and the gilman is still awesome as ever, and i own that coffee table book its ok, did anyone see the flicks of the gilman bathroom and wall in piece by piece

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Fuck Fat Slice....


I've known too many people that caught the cashiers there trying to short change them.

Jokemon out in front always...whatever happened to him?


That crazy black lady on telegraph who sells knitted caps and beanies. I was going to buy one for a girl once until.......wtf?!?!? $60 for a knitted hat?!?!? Nu uh.


El Picante on 4th street in berkeley.


Spengers Seafood Grotto at the end of University on 4th too.


ACME bar (again).


Burnt Ramen in Richmond...they always pack that place to capacity.


Lost Weekend in Alameda before all the shithead bubblegummers took it over.

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Guest nutsonmychin!

fat slice sucks man.


lane splitters is good to eat there, the deilvery kinda sucks. i like pizza love.

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And for Mexican... Besides the Taco trucks of course...


Choose your city...


And most of my pizza comes from here...



And also yall might like to fuck with that Everett and Jones but I'm telling you... Carmen's on A St. in Hayward is the spot for your BBQ... Or for just BBQ ribs, Perry's on E 14th in San Leandro is the cut.


Oh and of course for those that like to dig... yadig?



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Awesome venue. I'm stoked to see it up and running again.


I love that piece Quake did behind the stage.


The walls in there are CRUSHED.....tags on top of tags.


I dunno, I've met wayyyyyyyy more writers at punk shows than i have any hip hop event.

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Guest nutsonmychin!

went to the big fancy everette n jones at jack london on friday


it was kinda wack. luke warm food, it was like $15 plates.




the one on san pablo is rad tho.

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