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Shit is hot. Anyone have any flicks of those huge incramented story/poems he hit up? It might be hidden in that chunk of red x's I see, but I don't know. I saw a bunch of em in an old mass appeal. Fool is a savage.

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Guest imported_SecretAgentX9
Originally posted by boogy

Revs has simply pushed graffiti to new levels. How he gets away with such insane rollers in such HIGH VISION spots still baffles me. The guy is a madman and deserves ALL the respect he gets, and MORE!


no doubt about that. the tunnel spots, oh the tunnel spots...

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that last Revs piece is absolutely awesome. i didn't know he could piece that well....


truly an inspiration. new york is not new york with out the presence of revs and cost.


and i'm most proud to say that i have a COST/REVS middle finger stencil on a white tshirt that was silkscreened by adam cost himself. three thumbs up! yeah!

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